Happy Birthday to Books (3/11-3/17)

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon. If your plans involve stealing a leprechaun’s pot of gold, stop right there! We’ve got some gems for you to feast your eyes on this week, and you don’t even a need a four leaf clover to find them. Check out this week’s killer YA releases.

Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins (3/13)
Spell Bound is the third book in the Hex Hall series (here are the first and second books). It follows the story of Sophia Mercer, a young and powerful demon going through some crazy things. This time, she has to face losing her powers to the Prodigium Council. Low blow Prodigium Council! Low blow. She finds out that a huge war is coming and of course, she must be the one to stop the crazies from taking over the world. But how is she going to do that without her powers? DUN DUN DUN! Burning with anticipation? No need! You can check out an excerpt of the book right here!

The Savage Grace by Bree Despain (3/13)
The Savage Grace is the third and final book in the Dark Divine series (here are the first and second books). Grace comes from a family of werewolves, but she refuses to give in to her werewolf powers cause she’s got bigger fish to fry. I’m talking Great White Shark big. For one, her boyfriend Daniel is still a werewolf and her mortal enemy Caleb is still out and about. For another, a big war is coming, one that will put her and her family in very grave danger. Grace has to decide whether or not she should give in to her werewolf powers, since–oh, you know–the fate of the world depends on it. What does that mean? Werewolf showdown. Things are about to get mighty real up in here.

The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters: Moonsong created by L.J. Smith (3/13)
Elena Gilbert is finally off to Dalcrest College with her friends, and that can only mean one thing: time to party! These are happy times! Her boyfriend Stefan is still as amazing as ever, her friends are there with her, and people are disappearing all around the campus. Wait, what? People are disappearing?! Oh, no. Evil forces are definitely at work here, putting Elena and the rest of her friends in very grave danger. And all she wanted to do was graduate college! Looks like Anthropology 101 will have to wait (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. . .) because she’s got some vampire butt to hunt down and kick. You can check out the excerpt here now!

Starters by Lissa Price (3/13)
Imagine a world where you can sell your body. No, not like that! Out of the gutter, guys, out of the gutter! In Callie’s world, there’s a new meaning to the word “vacation”: the rich can rent out human bodies and do whatever they’d like with them. Unfortunately, someone has decided to rent out Callie’s body. And they’re out to commit murder. The nerve! However, a little switcheroo happens and Callie wakes up in the body of her wealthy renter. She gets to live in a mansion and drive nice cars. Yep, she is living the life. Until she discovers her renter’s plan to commit murder. Gasp! Will she be able to get a hold of her body in time? And will she be able to keep the nice cars? And maybe get a pony? I want a pony! Burning questions that can only be answered if you pick up this book now!

Dark Eyes by William Richter (3/15)
Fifteen-year-old Wally was an orphan from Russia. Now, she’s living in New York with a very wealthy family. She should be enjoying the urban princess treatment, yet she’s out on the streets everyday, being bad to the bone. Now, she’s sixteen and she’s got a new mission: to find her birth mother before her evil father Klesko does. Klesko is out with a vengeance after the the family fortune was taken from him by Wally’s mother and there is nothing stopping him from trying to get it back. Even if it means killing Wally. Little does he know that Wally has awesome ninja skills and she is not afraid to use them. Tune into the book to see what happens next!

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