Day Four: “These Days Are Ours” Flash Fiction

Have you been keeping up with the These Days Are Ours themed flash fiction contest? Each day this week, we’re asking you to write a new scene set in an iconic New York City location (weird . . . the Figment headquarters didn’t make this list) inspired by the city setting of These Days Are Ours.

Need some inspiration? Begin reading These Days Are Ours on Figment here. It’s a startlingly honest tale of extended adolescence in New York City shortly after 9/11. The main characters are mostly rich kids, but not quite of the Blair Waldorf variety. They’re a little deeper and more introspective–and totally fascinating to read about.

Today’s prompt asks you to write a scene that takes place in a busy restaurant at brunch. Don’t forget to tag your story TDAOflash and TDAOflash4 to enter. And make sure to have your story up by 12p.m. ET on March 16!

Check out all the prompts and entries–and some great excerpts from These Days Are Ourshere.

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