Design? You’ve Got it Covered.

Do you always judge a book by its cover?
Do you have a favorite font?
Do you get in serif/sans-serif turf wars?

You’re perfect.

We’ve got a challenge that’s never before graced Figment: a cover design challenge! Redesign the cover of Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins and you could win a copy of the novel from Hyperion professionally printed with your cover! What are you waiting for? Enter the contest here. You have until April 17 to strut your artistic stuff.

Keep watching Figment in the coming weeks for design advice from the experts and a chance to share your opinions about what makes a great cover . . . and what makes you put a book back on the shelf.

6 thoughts on “Design? You’ve Got it Covered.

  1. I was the previous winner for the Life Eternal cover contest. I probably won’t enter again…mostly because I have no idea what to do for this cover. I wouldn’t know how to change it. But I would love my cover professional printed. My graphic design professors would be so proud! lol.

    • Hey Anah-

      We were looping in with a legal team to make sure we were one hundred percent giving you the right answer. All content you use must be created by you. Let me know if this helps!


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