I Heart Daily Contest Winner

Hear that? That’s the sound of the rad playlist that won the I Heart Daily playlist contest! For this contest, we asked you to create a six-song playlist for your favorite book. We sent the ten finalists over to the editors at I Heart Daily, who picked this literary music maven as the winner!


The winner is…

How to Say Goodbye in Robot: Soundtrack by Megan Kralovic

The IHD editors say: We love how Megan found new meaning in familiar songs through Natalie Standiford’s book!

Megan, you win the totally awesome prize of an iPod Shuffle loaded with songs from the authors’ playlists!

The editors also had some things to say about a few of the finalists:

The Hunger Games Trilogy Playlist by SuperJule

*SPOILER ALERT on this playlist*
The IHD editors say: SuperJule chose a list of songs that has a clear progression and arc that beautifully follows the three books in the trilogy and ends on just the right note.

The Summer I Turned Pretty: Soundtrack by Kayana Leung

*SPOILER ALERT on this playlist*
The IHD editors say: Kayana put together a great list of love songs that have the energy, sweetness and pain of first loves.

City of Ashes: The Soundtrack by Amber Jones

From John Mayer to the Obi-Wan/Anakin Fight Song, Amber Jones drew upon her eclectic taste in music to help her create the soundtrack for the fantasy thriller, City of Ashes. (And a little Michael Jackson is always a plus.)

The Help: Soundtrack by Lorem Ipsum

Drawing inspiration from the book’s spunky protagonist, Skeeter Phelan, this soundtrack artfully features songs and lyrics to depict Skeeter’s experiences in The Help.

Congrats to the winner, and thanks to all who entered!

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