Script Frenzy: Take One

Aaaaand action.

Caroline sits at her computer–the dull glow from her screen the only light in the room. She types for a moment, pauses, and sighs. She absent mindedly plucks a Sour Patch Kid from the pack on her desk. She eats one and then another. Suddenly: inspiration. She begins typing madly.

Okay, we’ve got a great idea for a movie. It’s about a girl (or a guy, either works) who spends a month–eh, let’s say April–writing a script. In just one month, he/she writes an incredible masterpiece–the best film since Citizen Kane. Or The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part One.

Like it? Well, kid, you could be in pictures–or at least write your own. From the people who brought you National Novel Writing Month comes Script Frenzy, a month-long writing challenge designed to push you to draft an entire script (or screenplay or TV script or graphic novel) in the month of April.

As we did with NaNoWriMo we’ve teamed up with the Script Frenzy Young Writers Program to help you along the process. We’ve got the Official 2012 Figment/Script Frenzy Group where you can discuss and share your script writing process. We’ll have q-and-a’s with screenwriters; advice from the pros; and even an extra-special contest (details coming soon to a Figment near you, so stay tuned.)

In the meantime, check out the bounty of script-writing resources at Script Frenzy and get ready to write. FADE TO BLACK.

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