The Girls With Grit Contest Finalists

We know it hasn’t been easy waiting on the finalists for the Girls With Grit Contest–the fantastic entries have been pouring in since November! But the wait is over–you voted, and we’re ready to announce the finalist entries. We’ll be sending these to the Groundwood Books editorial team for judging. Oh and let me remind you of the stellar prizes for this contest! The winning entry will receive:

  • A book cover for your story, designed by a Groundwood Books designer
  • A specially printed, limited edition of your story and book cover
  • Feedback from a Groundwood Books editor
  • Your story posted on the Groundwood Books website

Three runners-up will also have their stories featured on the Groundwood Books website!

Congratulations to our finalists (in no particular order):

Whispers by Nadege K. Richards
The Girl With the Rainbow Heart by Jack Fossett
Clinging by Ashley Venditti
Tears That Can’t Come Out by zinnklebottem
Innocent by Hannah Merrill
Three Days to Live by Sheri
Stronger by Gabriella Gamez
Pay Up, or Brother Goes to the Rats by S.K.
Rail Ties by J.L. Sharp
Fearless by Miranda Rosalie
Without Your Crew by Ami Chan
Living by Kat Connolly
On Edge by Salina Lopez
Forever with Two R’s by Xena Pulliam
Retard: An Inspirational Story by Taylor Hutmacher
by Maya Rose
Confusing Ways of Love by OreoGirl
Nevermore by B. D. Legan
Growing up Deutsch by Melanie Bernard
Never Have I Ever by TemptedFiction

16 thoughts on “The Girls With Grit Contest Finalists

  1. Any idea when the lovely people at Groundwood Books will be finished with the final judging stage. Just a wee bit eager! Thanks! 😉

    • Hey Taylor-

      They’ve got a lot of great stories to read and a really tough decision to make! We’ll make sure to let you know as soon as we do!

  2. Hello,

    I was wondering if the judges had made any progress on the decision. I am still very anxious about the results. ^.^


    • Hey Melanie-

      I can’t speak to any timeline about the winners being chosen. As soon as we know, we’ll post on the blog!

  3. The official rules for this contest said judging would be completed on or around June 1st. I’m guessing that the date was just an estimate? Keep us updated!

  4. Hi again.

    I don’t mean to sound critical, but I am starting to wonder if we will ever hear back about this. This contest finished over four months ago and we have yet to hear even a peep of news. I would really hate to think that something went wrong, or that this contest was cancelled without us being told. I look forward to hearing back with a response pertaining to this concern. Thank you.

  5. Hello.
    Has there been ANY word back from the lovely people at Groundwood? Have I just missed it? Please let me know if you know anything regarding this contests. Its been nearly 7 months since the end of the contest, and I’m begging to worry.
    Taylor Hutmacher

    • Hey Anna!

      This is still being judged. Hold tight! We promise winners will be announced as soon as they are finalized.


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