Alecia Whitaker Reads Your Stories at WRAD

World Read Aloud Day was Wednesday, March 7th. To celebrate, Figment held a workshop at Books of Wonder in New York City, where we spread the joy of Figment . . . and, of course, did some writing!

Not only did we have a fantastic workshop with three awesome writing prompts to choose from, we also announced the winners of the WRAD contest! In this contest, we asked you to tag short stories to be read aloud by Alecia Whitaker, author of The Queen of Kentucky. The Figment editors chose three stories to be featured at the workshop, and Alecia read those stories aloud during the event. She also dazzled us with an excerpt from The Queen of Kentucky.

The chosen stories are:

In Love by Lillian Cooke

A Rabbit for You by Adrayona

Single White Arrow by Adriana Tassie

Congrats to the winners!

We know you’re not all from the Big Apple. So take a gander at this video we took at the event. We hope you enjoy Alecia’s readings as much as we did!

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