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What is it about dystopian and apocalyptic stories that is so irresistible? You’d think that dire reflections on the state of humankind combined with portents of imminent doom and destruction might scare some readers off, but it’s exactly the opposite: thrilling stories in which the future looks bleak and uncertain, combined with images of the end of the world (or of society as we know it), are catnip for readers–we just can’t get enough.

Author Dan Wells recently contributed a gripping addition to the genre with the publication of his novel, Partials. In the world he’s created, the worst has, in many ways, already happened: a human-created species of supermen–designed to fight human wars–have turned on their creators and invented a virus that’s wiped out nearly the entire human race. Against all odds, it’s up to 16-year-old Kira to to prevent total extinction.

Given how popular dystopian fiction is, we’re willing to bet that more than a few of you have some killer stories or ideas kicking around. That’s why, in honor of Partials, we’re hosting a flash fiction contest: between now and Friday, March 23 at 4p.m., submit your preexisting or original dystopian story to the Figment editorial team by tagging your work PartialsChallenge. For the contest, we’re particularly looking for dystopian stories with a sci-fi angle, or end-of-the-world stories in which science has gone wrong. We’ll be giving our favorite four tagged stories a big and bright feature on the Figment homepage!


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56 thoughts on “Dystopian Flash Fiction Contest

  1. I tagged my already existing story, but it’s not showing up. Do I have to re-publish it for it to work? And how would I do that?

  2. Can I tag a story that already exists of mine on here? It fits everything on here, so can I just tag that? I’ve tried and it won’t notify me, is that normal?

  3. Hahahahahah! This isn’t even a question, but I felt I had to comment anyway. I was rather curious whether, as flash fiction, this would have a limit, so I scrolled down to the comments…and all but one of the above ask the same question! That’s *eight* (nearly) in a row!

    Emily, did you headdesk, drown your sorrows in shots of chocolate, sacrifice a few interns to appease your dark figment of a god…or are you cynically used to this sort of thing at this point and only let a single bitter tear escape down your face?

    Anyone want to take any bets how many more of the word limit questions will be asked? I play for interns.

    –Alyssa L

  4. so i have a great idea for a dystopian story, but it has nothing to do with science, and it is more to do with peace/fighting and how the future world is impacted by that. is that all right, or does it have to be sci-fi?

  5. I tagged my story, but I can’t find it with the others. I checked to make sure it was the right tag by clicking it, and it brought me to all the other entries, but mine was not among them.

  6. I tagged my book Partialschallenge like it said, but it hasn’t appeared in the list of entries. Has it been added to the contest?

    • Hey Bob-

      In the edit page of your story, under “details,” there is a section for tags. Use the contest tag (for this contest it is “partialschallenge”), hit save, and you’re all set!

  7. Hi, I posted my story a few hours ago but it still hasn’t shown up on the page. Sorry to bother you I’m just trying to figure out what’s up.

  8. I tagged an existing work, but it’s not showing up. Is it there and I can’t see it? Or do I need to do something else?

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