Get in a Frenzy!

Whew. Sigh. Smile. Breathe. Chill.

We wanted to make an announcement! We have finally calmed down from NaNoWriMo and regained our normal sleep patterns and we’re looking forward to a nice, long—


That’s right, all you young and (quite literally) restless. Time to buckle down and writewritewrite!

If you’ve never Frenzied before, you’re in for a treat. Script Frenzy is brought to you by the same folks who bust their buns over NaNo each year. While National Novel Writing Month is all about banging out a first draft of your future bestselling novel, Script Frenzy is about writing your kicking movie, television show, stage play, or comic book–all in a month, of course.

We want to support your script-writing-ness, so we’re teaming up with our Script Frenzy friends to bring you a special contest. Post a 300-words-or-fewer summary of your script on Figment (in the biz, they call it a treatment), and you could win a phone consultation with Scott Myers–screenwriter, producer, member of the Black List, and film professor–to talk all about your masterpiece.

Are you new to the wonderful world of scriptwriting? The Young Writers Program of Script Frenzy has you more than covered. They’ve got scriptwriting bootcamps, common script terms and phrases, advice from pros, and scriptwriting software. They’ll do everything but hold the pen or push the keys. That’s still on you.

How to Enter:
1. Read the full rules here.
2. Create an account on
3. Start a new writing of 300 words or fewer.
4. Tag your writing with ScriptFrenzy on the Details tab.
5. Press “Publish Now.”
6. You should receive a pop-up confirmation of your entry, and in about two hours or so, your piece should appear among the submissions.

You have until 11:59 p.m. ET, April 30 to enter your summary. Out of all of the entries (no hearts, guys. No hearts!) the Script Frenzy editorial team will choose ten finalists. The Figment editorial team will then choose the winners! In addition to the grand-prize of a phone consultation with Scott, two honorable mentions will each receive a Figment/Script Frenzy prize package featuring a tote bag, t-shirt, storyboard notebook, hat, pen, and stickers.

Get writing now, and good luck!

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61 thoughts on “Get in a Frenzy!

  1. Hi,

    I’m considering submitting a summary for this, but I am curious how much of a help talking to Mr. Myers may be to me because I am not writing a movie script; I am writing a script for a manga (drawings will all be mine as well). Does he have any experience in manga or anything like it (i.e. graphic novels)? If not I probably won’t enter so others who would benefit more from his expertise will have an even better chance at winning (not saying I’m a shoo-in in any sort of way if I did end up submitting something… just that it’s one less person for others to compete against).

    ~Black Rose

    • Hey Black Rose-

      While Mr.Myers does not have any specific experience in graphic novels, he is a pro at pacing, building tension, and developing character–all things that are needed both on the screen and on the manga-page. I think you should give it a shot anyway; there’s no reason not to!


    • Hey Amara-
      The script summary that’s posted on Figment must belong to one person. The account and email associated with the winning entry will be declared as the sole winner.

  2. So, let me get this right. We write a script or a summary of a script, post it on here, and it will get I correct? Can the script be about anything? Please reply!! I love writing scripts and would totally enter, I would just like a little more info!
    -Kt 🙂

    • Hey Katie-

      Yeah! Just post a fewer-than-300-words summary of the script you’re working on (preferably, but not necessarily), your Script Frenzy project.

  3. Does it have to be original? Like I want to write an episode of NCIS…will that be acceptable Or should i just come up with a new idea while i have time?

  4. Okay, so we are not submitting an acutal, written script, but the just the summary of the script, correct? Just making sure…

  5. Are we actually writing the script and just posting the summary? Or do you just post your summary and not write the script?”

  6. Nice contest! I’m definitely not writing the type of script that Scott Myers has written in the past, but it would be great to talk with a professional about it. Definitely entering!

  7. I would love to participate in this great idea. I have a few stories that are unfinish but I’ll try and finish them and send one to the contest, good luck you guys!

  8. Is the summary suppose to be a complete one? (Includes the ending, not just the problems, therefore making you want to read more) Or should it be like the summary you see on the back of a book?


    • Hey B.C.-

      More like a full summary–it’s kind of what you would pitch to a company to try and get them to make your movie!

  9. Does the summary have to be cemented, in case I change it when I’m writing the script?

    Also, what is a better idea, go for the challenge of writing 100 pages for regular script frenzy, or choose the pages I write for the young adult script frenzy variant?

    • Hey-

      If it changes slightly, that’s alright, but it should still fairly fully reflect your piece. And the challenge is up to you! If you think you can balance a huge page load with your classwork, go for it!

    • Hey Darragh-

      Unfortunately, we’re unable to host contests outside of the US, but we do have challenges that international users can participate in. Check out tonight’s Word War, where you can win a review from a mod.

    • For the contest, just a summary. But the summary should be of a script you’ve either written or are in the progress of writing.

    • Hey Marcel-

      It doesn’t, though we’d love if it is! It should be for a script you’ve written or are writing, though.

    • Hey Sutton-

      Scripts for original episodes of existing shows are acceptable, as are remakes and updates of existing movies and stories.


  10. Hi there!
    I’ll be posting my screenplay on Figment as I write, and I really don’t want to have a separate publication for the treatment. If I have the treatment (and only the treatment) in the first chapter, and the rest of my script in the chapters following, would I still be eligible?
    Just wondering,

    • Hey Jack-

      The entry should be a separate piece of writing to qualify. Let me know if you have any further questions!


    • Hey Maggie-

      There is sometimes a delay. The piece has to be created on Figment after the start of the contest, but if it was created after the announcement and you’ve double checked that the tag is correct, don’t worry! You’re entered.

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