An Open Letter to Those Who Have Not Read the Hunger Games

Hey, you. How are you doing? You alright? Yeah. Us, too. Listen: This whole Hunger Games jam? It’s not that big of a deal. The books? They’re not even good.

They’re AMAZING.

I’m sure you have a few friends who won’t shut up about The Hunger Games. One of those friends might have sent you this link. I bet it’s been a strain on your friendship, a huge wedge between the two of you. It’s okay; we’re here to help. You know what will dissolve that road block to friendship?

You reading The Hunger Games.

It’s not what you want to hear, I get that. It feels like defeat, like you’re giving in. But the phenomenon is only going to get bigger, and relationships take compromise. Eventually, you are going to be the only person in the WORLD who hasn’t read The Hunger Games, like that one kid who hasn’t seen Titanic. Trust me, after you read it, you’re going to want to talk about it with everyone you know, and there’s going to be that one person who just doesn’t get it.

Right now that person is you,

You don’t want to be that person.

Read The Hunger Games.

16 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Those Who Have Not Read the Hunger Games

    • I read this book as part of our 10th grade Language curriculum and at first before i HAD to read it i didnt want to, but as i started reading i couldnt stop, its an amazing story about…. well you read it you find out, because its amazing

  1. …I haven’t seen Titanic.
    But do read the books, if for no other reason so that we’ll stop yelling at you to read them already.

  2. Perfect. And Emma and Samantha, READ THE BOOKS! I’m not joking! They’re not kidding about you being the only ones. Besides, no book (that I’ve seen yet) is absolutely PERFECT from the first word. Hunger Games gets perfect in like, the second chapter. The end to each chapter will make you read and read with nail-biting suspense. When my class read Hunger Games, there was about 1 person who DIDN’T read ahead and finish it within A DAY. The one person disagrees on EVERYTHING, including acting like a responsible person and not a raving lunatic.
    So, to sum it up,
    (and also maybe watch the movie if it’s good too)

  3. I didn’t know what the hell the Hunger Games were until about a month ago when a bunch of my friends couldn’t shut up about them. I looked into it; it sounded like I should give it a shot. Then I got the first book for my birthday. Three days later, I’d finished it and was onto Catching Fire. Now my fiancé and I fight over who gets to read next, because we are now both really obsessed with it!

  4. Best Series Ever? Really? Three books is hardly a series… series ever was definitely Harry Potter….and nothing can touch that.
    This series will be another Twilight, popular now but not really long standing . No I haven’t read…tried to listen to an audio book of it…not good..maybe I will try to read the book but I don’t have high hopes. Nobody will like the movie cause you all read the book.
    Yes, seen was okay.

  5. I haven’t seen the Titanic…
    But I am reading the books right now. Finished the first one and I’m planning to read the next one on my 18 hour car trip. >:(

  6. Never seen Titanic. Buuut I did see the music video to “My Heart Will Go On.” Does that count?

    And I’m still not planning on reading it. Sorry. If only because it’s in present tense and I CANNOT STAND PRESENT TENSE. Oh, and it’s dystopian setting. Can’t do that either.

    … I might watch the movie. Tell you what– if I like the movie, I’ll read the books. Deal? Okay. Get off my back, man!

  7. Firstly, I would like to make a comment to Tate/Hermione. The Hunger Games is not that perfect book. The plot is about teenagers killing other teenagers on T.V. Also this book is not amazing from the first word. Suzanne Collins is not a very good writer. In fact, this book is very poorly written. Want a real piece of literature? Read Hemingway. To Emma and Samantha don’t read it you’ll always find someone to talk to no matter if you’ve read the books or not. Last year I had to read the hunger games. This year I go to a new school and my best friend has read the books and hated then too. There is nothing wrong with. Not reading the books. Don’t worry he finominon is over.

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