Happy Birthday to Books (3/18-3/24)

It’s springtime, springtime, gotta get down in the springtime! To celebrate this joyous event, we’re bringing you some hot new books that you will want to pick up right away. And now that the warm weather is here to stay (for a while, anyway), you can go on picnics with them. Wine and dine them. Trust us, you’ll want them for more than a fling.

A Temptation of Angels by Michelle Zink (3/20)
Helen Cartwright’s parents have just been murdered right in front of her eyes. Why, ye gods, why? She then encounters the Dictata, a mysterious organization that rules the underground of London. And they are out for total world domination! And who’s going to be the one to stop them? Helen, of course! After finding out that she is one of the last three angels remaining in the world, things start to get real. But that’s alright, because she has been trained her whole life to do this. So bring it on, Dictata! The angels are coming for you.

Ichiro by Ryan Inzana (3/20)
Ichiro and his mother have just moved back to Japan after death of his father in the war in Iraq. He now lives with his grandfather, who pretty much becomes his tour guide. But this isn’t going to be one of those “and to your left we have the statue of blahblahblah” tours. Nosireebob. He’s taken to temples and parks, where he encounters gods and supernatural creatures from Japanese mythology that teach him some valuable life lessons. How’s that for an awesome tour?! You won’t find that at your average museum . . . unless of course, you’re Ben Stiller in Night at the Museum. Embark on this tour with Ichiro by picking up this book now!

The Secret Circle: The Divide created by L.J. Smith (3/20)
Cassie Blake is living the life. She’s got her dreamy boyfriend Adam by her side and she’s making some new pals. Sounds like an ordinary girl, right? Of course not! She’s actually part of a super-secret society of witches. Whoa, what’s that? Oh, it’s Cassie’s normalcy going down the drain! Going, going, gone. When tragedy decides to swoop down on the society of witches and do its thing, Cassie realizes that being a witch may not be so great after all. That’s crazy talk, amirite? And on top of all of this, there’s someone out to hunt the band of witches. Man, Cassie just can’t catch a break. Start reading here on Figment!

Code of Silence by Tim Shoemaker (3/20)
You know that feeling when you have a super juicy secret that you really want to tell someone? And if you don’t, you feel that you might explode at any moment? Yeah, we’ve all been there . . . except our lives were never at stake. That’s pretty much what Gordy, Cooper, and Hiro are going through after witnessing a robbery that has left a man in a coma. But there’s one twist: the criminals may be cops. GASP! And on top of that, the boys have been spotted by the criminals! DOUBLE GASP! Now they have to decide whether or not they should keep this information to themselves. Here’s a secret we’ve been dying to share: reading this book is the only way to find out what happens next.

When You Open Your Eyes by Celeste Conway (3/20)
Tessa is dating Lucien, the son of a French diplomat. And she is absolutely in love with him. He’s a total hunk and he’s suave. What’s not to love about that? The only problem is that they have to keep their relationship on the down-low because Tessa’s father refuses to let her date Lucien (Lucien, Lucien . . . wherefore art thou Lucien?!). Wait, did I say that was the only problem? I lied. My bad, guys! As Tessa continues to fall for Lucien, she starts to realize that he is not who she once thought he was. He starts becoming violent and distant, leaving her utterly confused. Poor Tessa! Will she make it out of this without losing everyone and everything that she loves? Dun dun dun.

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