Hunger Games: What’s Changed From Page to Screen

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WARNING: Spoilers this way! Tread cautiously.

The Hunger Games movie was Fuh. Nom. Eh. Nuhl. Fuhnomehnuhl. Interested in seeing what changed from page to screen? Keep reading!

The Mutts
In The Hunger Games book, the muttations (giant, beastly dogs) were each created out of a fallen tribute. They wore the names of their tributes on collars around their necks, and they had the same eyes as their humans. They also had some physical resemblances to the tributes they represented: for example, Thresh was described as very large and strong, and his mutt was the largest. In the movie, they’re not linked to specific tributes. They’re ordinary, albeit MASSIVE, dogs.

Rue’s Death
In the book, Katniss returns from exploding the Careers’ supplies to find Marvel standing over Rue’s dying body. In the movie, Katniss returns in time to free Rue from the net she’s caught in–only to turn and see Marvel just before he throws the fatal spear at Rue.

The Mockingjay Pin
In the movie, Katniss gets her pin from Greasy Sae and gives it to Prim for luck during the reaping. After Katniss volunteers, Prim returns it, hoping that it will protect Katniss in the games. In the book, Katniss get the pin from Madge, the mayor’s daughter.

The Sponsor Gifts
In the book, Haymitch would send Katniss gifts during the games to subtly lead her toward specific actions. In the movie, the one-way communication is a lot easier: he’s allowed to send her notes. Also, Rue’s district doesn’t send Katniss bread after she sings Rue a lullaby–instead, we’re treated to a scene of rioting back home.

Goodbye First-Person!
The books are narrated by Katniss herself, which limited what readers were able to witness for themselves. But because movie viewers aren’t stuck in Katniss’s head, we get to see behind the scenes of the game: Seneca Crane as he manipulates the playing field, Haymitch as he fights for sponsors, and even President Snow and his growing . . . displeasure with the turn the 74th Hunger Games have taken.

Did we miss anything? Leave the changes you found in the comments!

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  1. In ‘The Mockingjay Pin’, it says that Katniss gave RUE the pin during the reaping… I think you mean Prim. Easy to get them mixed up 😛

  2. If I’m not mistaken, in the end of the first book, Peeta loses his leg due to an injury he received during the Games. In the end of the movie, Peeta had both of his legs. Seemed like a odd thing to leave out to me.

    • YEah, it was kinda strange, and they didn’t have the reunion, I missed that. Also, there was no scene between Katniss and Peeta when she explains that her love was for the games.

        • Well there was a lot missed with Peeta and Katniss like how short the cave scene was and I think that thats where there relationship kinda grew in the book. So I hope that in Catching Fire they start off by enforcing the relationship with Katnis and Peeta.

          • Yeah, there was A LOT missing from the movie. One of it was not Peeta’s leg. I guess that would have been okay but I missed his line when she finds him on the ground “Frosting” His illness and her drive to get that syringe. I really really wanted to see those Muttations. The scene in the cave. I agree, that was a pivotal point for Katniss’ feelings for Peeta. Some of the other parts I can see leaving out due to restrictions when adaptation comes into play but these parts should not have been.

        • but Peeta losing his leg has no importance so he doesn’t have to lose his leg because it doesn’t effect him or anyone else that much

          • But I was pretty sure that him losing his leg does have an importance, because at the end of the movie of Hunger Games since he did have both of his legs won’t that mess up the movie for Catching Fire? Isn’t he supposed to not be saved BECAUSE he only has one leg and is a cripple. I’ve never seen the movie, but I read the first book (wasn’t at all impressed, nor did I see the reason for everyone’s fascination with it, but opinions are mine to keep) so I don’t exactly know what happened in Catching Fire, this comment is just based on what I’ve picked up from my Hunger Games obsessed friends 😛

          • I do agree that it was strange they didn’t include Peeta losing his leg. But I don’t think it matters much–back in the capital, they got him a prosthetic that was fully functional. I don’t think it won’t have a big impact on the plot of Catching Fire.

            Unles… Gary Ross has something in store for us, lol. Who knows?

    • Well, think about it- in the latter movies, it would be a pain in the neck to have that metal leg in a scene every time… And it doesn’t really affect the story- it’s just a wound. Sure, maybe it’s symbolic of the toll the Games take on it’s tributes- but after seeing 22 kids brutally murdered on screen, I don’t think you need that symbolism. 😛

      • i agree it wasn’t a vital point in the movie, and although they could have put it in, it would have been more trouble, and since he gets a prosthetic anyways it was just better to leave it out 😀

    • Well, doesn’t Peeta get a NEW leg, which he reveals during the post-games interview? I mean, it’s like they replaced it!!!

  3. Peeta doesn’t lose his leg, which is a HUGE problem when you consider what happens in Catching Fire.

    Also, rioting in 11 and 8 doesn’t happen until–hello–after the victory tour in CF.

    So disappointed by this movie.

    • well, if you focus on the movie itself and take a step back from all the little missing details, its a great movie and really close to the book. I, personally, was very impressed by how close the director came to replicating the book. I do think the movie would have been rather dull had it been an exact copy of the book. Yes, it would have been nice to see Madge and fix some scenes but if I’m not mistaken, a director is not entirely allowed to exactly replicate a book for the movie. Plus, there always has to be some kind of “Hollywood Magic” in there to impress the producers who’ve probably never taken the time to read anything besides scripts their entire lives.

    • Oh, good, I’m not the only one who thought that. The lack of soundtrack for about 90% of the movie made a lot of scenes strange/anticlimatic, like during the reaping.

      • Mmmm i disagree, i think the minimalistic soundtrack added to the effect. The lack ofhuge epic orchestras focused all the attention on the visual. Im thinking specifically about the scene where the the tributes rise into the arena and the countdown goes down. The music isnt large and swooping because you were supposed to focus on the carnage of kids, yes KIDS, killing each other. I think James Newton took a good turn choosing to let audio take backseat to the movie.

      • Thank you!! I so thought I was the only one who noticed the cat. That part made me so mad. It’s not that hard to find an orange cat!! I was so dissapointed in this movie, mainly because of the differences between the book and movie.

        • Honestly, i enjoyed this movie. I was expecting there to be a lot of other things wrong with it, and was pleased to see that they only changed some minor details..
          Overall, the movie did a great job of sticking to the original plot of the story — unlike a ton of other book to film productions (Narnia, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, etc.).
          While it obviously isn’t as good as the book, I still found it enjoyable and entertaining.

          • okay, seriously people: IT IS A CAT! movies cant be exact replicas of the books! it is seriously impossible!!!! just deal with it! the actors were good, the CGI was good, so just be happy you GOT hunger games movie. I think it was an awesome movie. the directors/film makers have to use SOME artistic talent. its who they are. so what it didn’t stick every period, every comma, every APOSTROPHE to the book. movie: eyes! book:imagination! theres a difference!

          • Well, wouln’t you be annoyed with having to walk around with a metal leg for the rest of the movies? While it wasn’t as good as the book, it was enjoyable, so be glad you got to see the movie.

          • Yeah! I saw the movie before I read the book, and I could still remember every detail from the movie in the text.

      • wow you are seriusly complaining about the color of the cat i mean yeah they could have gotten an orange cat but christ at least it stayed pretty close to the book >:(

        • Yeah it’s not a big deal, but when it’s a really easy fix, it just shows how little attention was paid to detail when they were making it.

          • There was a lot of detail attention, though. Cinna had his gold eyeliner. The pin was exactly the right shape. Katniss and Gale, in the beginning, do the scene where they mimic the Capitol people. I think the cat was changed purely because a) it’s in exactly one scene, and b) it’s not a big deal and they didn’t figure most people would care. Plus, Suzanne Collins okayed it, so she must have been fine with it.

      • Exactly what I was thinking. I have a cat that looks like Buttercup, who just lays there. Is it so hard to find one? Seriously?!

      • The cat is such a minor detail, that it shouldn’t really matter. I believe that they had the cat be black and white because the scene (all of District 12) is very black, bleak, and missing color. Adding in an orange cat would have thrown off the color scheme that added to the feel/appearance of the scene being dark and sad. Changing to a black and white cat keeps the color scheme dark to add to the overall desolate feel of District 12.

        Overall, I believe it was an amazing movie and they did an amazing job keeping it similar to the books. Most movies get it all wrong and ruin both the movies themselves and the books. Plus, the adaptations that they made for the movie, for example the pin, add more of an emotional connection between Prim and Katniss that is both visual and metaphorical. The same goes for Rue’s death. Side-note, the fact that they showed District 11 revolt after Katniss sings Rue’s lullaby plays on the fact that when a tribute dies in the arena, the whole District is affected. All in all, it was a fantastic movie adapted from a spectacular book. Everyone involved with the movie (including Suzanne Collins) didn’t a wonderful job. Can’t wait for the next one to come out.

        • I was a little annoyed about the cat, mostly because he is featured so heavily in the other two books. Buttercup is actually an important symbol and character even, and while his colour isn’t part of that, it isn’t like he’s some minor animal that will only be in that one scene. Unless they cut out that sub-plot completely, which would make me very sad.

  4. Katniss’s dress at the end was different at the end. In the book, it was less of a ballerina dress and was supposed to look like candlelight. And Peeta’s suit was supposed to match, not be an ugly bright blue.

  5. Thanks for the list! My lil’ sister and I haven’t seen it yet and she gets really upset when they change things from books. Now that she’s prepared I won’t have to listen to as much complaining XD

    At the moment she’s fuming over the Mocking Jay pin. I have no idea why just that one thing upsets her so much.

    • well the mockingjay pin is a symbol of rebellion against the Capitol and by her just finding it randomly instead of recieving it from the mayor’s daughter from her district does change things. idk if you have read the other books but the mockingjay is extremely important in the other 2 books but mostly the 3rd one 🙂

  6. I think how the book vs. the movie ends is another big thing to mention — the fact that Peeta’s not dying on the top of the cornucopia, leading to Katniss having to make the decision with the arrow, and then the emotional scene on the hovercraft after. And then they got rid of the part on the train where Peeta realizes that Katniss was lying that entire time about being in love with him. That just all really irked me. Overall I enjoyed the movie, though — I’m excited to see it again.

      • I was really mad because the movie was NOTING like the book . the parts that made me mad were when prim got reaped and at the end when peeta found out that katniss was pretending the love for him. but the rest of the movie was okay.

        • I totally agree. I mean, the put so much romance between Katniss and Peeta in the movie, then expect to just throw it all away because,”It was for the Games?” Pathetic.

  7. In the book Caesar makes a bigger deal out of Katniss and Peeta’s “love” and how they “would rather die than be away from each other.” In the movie it is just oh yeah you love each other bye.

  8. Did anybody else think the movie was rushed? They missed a lot of little things…

    1. Madge wasn’t even in the movie…
    2. The end was all wrong… Katniss and Peeta were supposed to put the night lock in their mouths… they didn’t
    3. The Cave scene missed a ton
    4. Katniss and Peeta only kissed once instead of a million times
    5. There were lack of parachutes that were in the book… one parachute gave peeta and katniss a very good feast that lasted a while
    6. when in the cave… it never rained outside.
    7. Katniss never received the parachute with the sleeping potion thing that made peeta fall asleep so she could flee towards the medicine
    8. IN the book Thresh bangs a rock against Clove’s head… in the movie Thresh just throws her against a wall
    9. The hallucinations Katniss had were never described in that much detail
    10. IN the movie.. you heard the mutts and then Thresh died… but Cato was supposed to kill him and the mutts weren’t supposed to attack katniss and peeta first
    11. The end missed the part where K and P sat on each other’s laps and watched a movie of their hunger games
    12. The beginning was completely skipped
    13. The need of water took up most of the book but it wasn’t show in the movie
    14. In the beginning of the games… the boy from District 7, 8, or 9 (not sure) grabbed the same backpack as Katniss and then got killed.
    15. Glimmer was laughing half of the time… what the heck? She also seemed in love with Cato.
    16. Rue never motioned to Katniss to cut the branch to the Tracker Jacker nest to get the others… she just instead just motioned that it was there and Katniss decided that
    17. The leaves put on Katniss did not look chewed.
    18. In the book cinna told Katniss and Peeta to hold hands on the chariot… in the movie Peeta decided to do that half way through
    19. Gale didn’t get as big a part as he should have
    20. A lot of extra scenes were added.
    21. When Thresh helps Katniss they talk a little while before he runs off.. instead he just says “Just this once”
    22. Katniss was supposed to be in the water a lot of the movie.. this was not so.
    23. Although it was in the movie… they kind of skipped around about peeta, Katniss and the burned bread
    24. A lot of bad words were said that the book never did
    25. Katniss attacked Peeta after his interview

    Yeah.. I payed a lot of attention last night… but I think they definitely got the main points down! HUNGER GAMES! GO PEETA!

    • Also, Katniss was supposed to get a 12 in training not 11…or was that the 2nd book…and Peeta was supposed to go before her in training. In the book, Katniss did sorta attack Peeta she pushed him into and urn and he fell and got his hands all bloody and scraped. I did like the movie apart from the book though. I agree that they didn’t establish Gale’s character as much as they should’ve, but they did a good job of showing his jealousy of Peeta when Katniss kissed Peeta. I also believe they should’ve made the cave scene longer, and established Peeta and Katniss’ love more. Also, when Katniss and Peeta are crowned in the book, there is one crown that separates into two, but in the movie, it doesn’t even show Peeta receiving a crown, much less it separating into two.

      • If you notice in the movie during the crowning, there are 2 podiums, one by Katniss, and one by Peeta. Snow had taken her half from the podium closest to her, and the other half is on the podium by Peeta, it just doesn’t show the president putting it on him.

      • They also didn’t show the seriousness of Katniss’ injury after blowing up the career’s food and supplies. She goes deaf for the whole night in the book and has to sleep in the bushes all night. He left ear also remain’s deaf until the end of the games and then is fixed at the capitol.

        • Also her going deaf and getting her hearing fixed in the capital is a huge part of the second book. This is the excuse she uses with her allies as to why she can “hear” the forcefield, because she doesn’t want Beetee or Wiress to get hurt for her knowledge.

    • I must say, I was super disappointed in the language. When I was telling my friends about the book (before the movie came out), I was really praising Suzanne Collins for excluding all language. I’m sad I can’t say the same for the movie. But hey, that’s Hollywood for ya:/

    • 12-What do you mean the beginning was skipped?
      14-The boy did have the bag and he was killed in both book and movie
      25-Katniss did attck Peeta in both the book and the movie, (in the book she explains how she is upset that she was now sending Peeta into the arena with a injory)

    • i agree, i aw all those points, they really toned down the fact that Katniss and Peeta were on the brink of death at the end of the games; Peeta was supposed to loose a leg and Katniss goes to the hospital

      • Yeah, and in the book, Katniss blew an eardrum after setting off the mines with the apples, and that’s a major hindrance when she’s hunting and stuff. But in the movie she had the use of both ears during the rest of the Games

    • 12. What do you mean ‘They skipped the beginning’?
      16. Yes she did. She pointed and made a sawing motion.
      20. What’s the problem with a few extra scenes? The movie isn’t completely from Katniss’ point of view, so they could add a bit of the Gamemakers and PARTICULARLY President Snow.
      21. No he doesn’t! He asks her about Rue, then says ‘For the girl’ then runs off.
      24. Uh, Katniss said ‘Damn’ twice. That’s not ‘a lot of bad words.’ That’s one bad word said twice.
      25. She did in both book and movie!

    • 1. I think she was cut a) because she doesn’t really do much except give her the pin, and b) it could have been confusing to those who had read the books.

      2. That may have been changed a) because it was a small detail, and b) the change may have shown that the Gamemakers were so dependent on a victor they didn’t want to risk the berries even going INTO their mouths.

      3. That was cut for timing. Besides, how long do you want to watch Katniss take care of Peeta in a cave, or them just sitting together, etc? Yes, it was important and where most of their relationship developed, but it was also EXTREMELY time-consuming and could have been quite boring to viewers.

      4. Again, they were in the cave less, so there was less kissing.

      5. Yet again – less cave time: less food needed.

      6. The rain was not an important detail, though, and was not really that big of a deal that it was cut.

      7. I forget exactly what she does in the movie, but I think it was somewhere along the lines of just leaving him in the cave asleep? (Please correct me if I am wrong.) Anyway, that would have just been time consuming, and, with a lack of first-person narration, confusing for those who had not read the books.

      8. I think that was done simply because a) it was quicker than crushing her head, and b) Suzanne Collins did not want the movie to be exceedingly violent. Although the rock scene may sound fine whilst in the book, seeing it happen to someone would have been different.

      9. Again, we lack the first-person perspective, so the hallucinations were shown differently. Also, this made the visions more interesting to viewers.

      10. This was changed so that the story would flow better and so that the movie would not be excessively long.

      11. Again, flow/length. The viewing would take some time to film, even if the entire ‘three-hour’ movie isn’t shown. Also, that was mostly done to give Katniss a chance to reflect on her thoughts about the Games. Lacking first person perspective, it would have appeared to be a random movie to those who had not read the books.

      12. Most of the beginning was kept; the only change was the way Katniss wakes up and the details of the hunting scene, i.e. the deer, shooting the birds, etc.

      13. Flow/length

      14. A boy did try to grab the backpack, and was killed by Clove.

      15. This was done, I believe, to illustrate how the ‘Careers’ viewed the Games as just that – a game, something fun to do that would make them rich.

      16. This was done so that the audience would know what Katniss intended. In the book, we knew what she was going to do, because of the first-person narration. In the movie, we don’t have that perspective, so it has to be shown. It also helps illustrate that Rue is very clever.

      17. This is a very minor detail that the screenwriters (including Suzanne Collins!) did not think needed to be illustrated.

      18. I believe that was done to show that Peeta knows how to work a crowd. It also (possibly) gives a subtle hint about how he feels about her.

      19. Again, the limited amounts of Gale were to cut back on length and help with the flow of the movie.

      20. All of those scenes were good, though, and mainly showed a) more about the arena, or b) more about President Snow’s character. It also clearly shows Seneca Crane’s death (and the irony of his death gives the audience a bit of a laugh, which is useful for such a dark film.)

      21. Again, this was done to make the story flow better and cut back on the length.

      22. Length/flow.

      23. This is another instance of the lack of first-person narration – the ‘boy with the bread’ scenes are flashbacks. Without access to Katniss’s thoughts, our view of these memories is limited.

      24. The language was not severely changed, it was not as if every line was “F*** this, F*** that, F*** the reaping, F*** the Capitol… the only expletives I noticed were “D***” and the very rare “S***”.

      25. In the book, she pushed him into an urn and cut up his hands quite badly, as ‘Portia took him for bandages because his hands were still bleeding’ (paraphrased) during their dinner. This was done to show more of Katniss’s response to most things – attack; and it also helped show more about Effie. (Manners!) Effie’s quote (Manners!) also added a small ray of humor to the realization that these kids are now training to kill each other. Also, in the novel, the bandages are on one day, and never seen again. Having Katniss almost choke him helps the movie flow better.

    • As much as the movie differed from the book, those are a ton of small details to obsess over. The translation from book to movie can be very tricky, and sometimes that’s what leads to some scenes being lost. I’m sure that they may have had some of the things you mentioned in the original filming, but seeing as how the movie exceeded 2 and a half hours, they probably cut quite a bit of it. Overall, the movie captured the essence of the characters and the underlying rebellion of the lower, poorer districts. And since I’m sure a lot of the changes were okay-ed by Susan Collins, I’m also sure she didn’t think her readers would mind the changes too much.

    • Thank you for this list. There were actually many more changes as if this wasn’t enough. The movie was extremely dissapointing compared to the book (only because so much was left out or CHANGED!) And for all you who don’t think peeta loosing a leg is a big deal, read the second book! Why they made so many changes is beyond me. Maybe the screenplay writer didn’t read the books. Maybe the MPAA board members wouldn’t let them do half the things they wanted to.

      THE Cornucopia WAS GOLD! not Black. Also, the mouth of it was 25 feet high.

      Here is a link to the a (mostly) complete list.

    • Yeah and in the book katniss wakes up, finds rue, and rue puts the leaves on but in the movie she wakes up and the leaves are on. Plus, there are only a few stings in the book but in the movie she has lots.

  9. Aside from the things listed above, I’ve also spotted a few differences while watching the movie:

    Besides Peeta’s broken leg, they also forgot that Katniss was deaf in one ear after the explosion.

    They made her sing to Prim at the start of the movie. She wasn’t supposed to sing until Rue died.

    Haymitch didn’t say this line in the movie: “Here’s some advice. Stay alive.” I believe this was a really important line.

    During the chariot scene, Cinna didn’t tell them to hold hands. It was Peeta himself that made Katniss do it. In the book, Cinna told them to do it.

    Cinna’s assistant, Portia, was not there.

    During the elevator scene after the interview, Katniss was supposed to break a vase(?) and give Peeta a black eye or something? In the movie, she didn’t.

    If I recall correctly, President Snow was supposed to have very red and puffy lips.

    When Prim was picked for the reaping, her untucked blouse was supposed to form a ducktail that made Katniss snap out of it and volunteer. In the movie, she trucked it in.

    They cancelled the scene with the avox girl. (I was a bit upset with this.)

    Katniss didn’t drug Peeta when she went to the feast.

    Haymitch didn’t tell them to always be together in training.

    At the end, Peeta and Katniss should have already placed the berries into their mouths and that’s when the Capitol announces them as the victors. In the movie, they didn’t even eat it yet. I agree with Ali Renee when she said that the berry scene was anticlimactic. It would have been better if they “ate” it first then spit it out like in the book.

    Oh, and is it just me, or are they a little… not careful? Before the interview with the victors, Haymitch was supposed to “hug” her and that’s where he’ll tell her that the Capitol’s unhappy with her. Instead, he just said it out loud. Shouldn’t he have been a little concerned with hidden cameras or such?

    I enjoyed the movie, though. But I still think they should have followed the sad ending in the book where Peeta finds out that the whole romance was just pretend for her.

    • Yeah, I hope people seeing the movie for Catching Fire aren’t confused in the beginning. They might not have gotten the point at the end of the Hunger Games movie that Peeta wasn’t pretending to be in love with Katniss, but Katniss thought it was all pretend. The filmmakers didn’t make it so obvious how upset Peeta was that Katniss wanted to “forget everything” from the Games. I think it’s a really big point of the book and they should’ve focused on it a little more in the movie. I liked the movie still, though.

    • Portia was not Cinna’s assistant, she was Peeta’s costume designer, and she was there, she just didn’t say anything. Js.

    • “They made her sing to Prim at the start of the movie. She wasn’t supposed to sing until Rue died.”

      That’s purposeful. In the books, Katniss’s narration straight up tells you that the song was special to her and her family. So you know the significance. You can’t do that in a movie. So they have her sing the beginning of it to Prim so the watcher can understand that it’s personal when she sings to Rue later.

      Portia was there. I saw her multiple times with Peeta.

      • “Besides Peeta’s broken leg, they also forgot that Katniss was deaf in one ear after the explosion.”

        -They didn’t directly say it, but after the explosion, in the theatre (basically coming out of the speakers on one side) was a buzzing/ringing sound, so it was like YOU were Katniss. So essentially, the movie did follow that-you would have had to read the books to notice that.

        “Cinna’s assistant, Portia, was not there.”

        -The woman with the fluffy straw yellow hair was Portia. She didn’t speak in the movie, though, and wasn’t mentioned as Peeta’s stylist.

        “They cancelled the scene with the avox girl.”

        -Yes, they did cancel it (Not enough time), but at one point in the movie someone mentions that if you did something wrong or something your tongue might be cut out. They didn’t specifically say that classified you as an ‘Avox’, though.

        -Farin L.

    • Haymitch didn’t say this line in the movie: “Here’s some advice. Stay alive.” I believe this was a really important line.

      -I believe he did that, on the train ride when Peeta asked him for advice.

    • I liked the movie, but one part that i thought they should’ve included was the scene in the cave where katniss has to be more loving to get food… well the scene where she tells peeta the story about how they got prim’s goat. I loved that part…

    • They don’t mention her by name, but Portia does appear in a few scenes. I forgot where I saw it, but one picture pointed out Portia. If you recall, there’s a woman with curly blond hair (and wears a black suit (I think). I’m not so upset about Portia, though, compared to the ending of the movie. Yes, it’s a downer, but it sets up this entire relationship in the second book, and what happens to Peeta in the third book. Also, it would hook people onto the second movie.

    • (This is about the explosion bit)

      Actually, after the explosion, the audio sounded all wierd and distorted temporarily. You couldn’t make out what Cato was saying as well as you should have.
      Sure, she wasn’t half-deaf throughout the whole movie, but she was for a minute or so.

  10. In the book, during the feast, Katniss has to tell Thresh that she cared for Rue. He already knows in the movie. Also, Cato is there when Clove gets killed. Also, there is supposed to be a big rain storm when Peeta and Katniss are in the cave.

    • Cato wasn’t there, exactly. He was nearby (Katniss thinks perhaps he is waiting for Thresh) and Clove screams his name, but all we hear is a faint “Clove!” In the movie, she also screams for him, but (I don’t think) there was a response. however, this does not mean he wasn’t there.

  11. I actually went to go see the Hunger Games with my class on friday and I was pretty excited to finally see it, since Ive been a huge fan for 2 years! Then, when I watched it, it was meh! I didnt really like, but It doesnt mean that I didnt enjoy it. It just that there was something wrong with the way it was filmed.
    And plus mentioning the most important parts in the book they did not put in the movie pissed me off. Everything listed on here I literally ranted to my sister about! ^^’

  12. I loved this movie. Of course, I was a bit disappointed in some of the changet, but seeing as it was a book-to-movie, I knew that things like that were going to happen. Overall it was an incredible film and VERY accurate to the novel.

  13. I have two things to add to the list:

    -In the book Thresh kills Clove with a rock; In the movie he bashes her against the Cornucopia a couple times

    -In the books Thresh dies before Foxface; In the movie she dies first

    I liked the movie but some of the changes irked me.

  14. The only differences that I really missed was Haymitch not falling off the stage and Katniss not drugging Peeta. I also kind of missed the dogs as tributes, but it was still really good. It was a LOT better than I thought it would be!

  15. yes i also noticed the changes ,heres a few more there is no Rue back story cato gets in to a fight with the other district boy, because of a missing knife that Rue stole , Rue doesnt say if they cant catch me they cant kill me in the movie, Rues eyes are opened and Katniss closes them when in the book Rues eyes are closed. Cato gives a speach at the end of the movie he didnt in the book.

    • Yeah I noticed that I really wanted to see that part. They could have at least had a short like flashback or something like that. I was really disappointed that they didn’t have the cave scene that long.

  16. they really didn’t make Katniss all dehydrated, she found water almost right away.

    and also, Peeta’s leg didn’t get amputated, I mean HELLO! that was kind of important.

    and also Madge not being in the movie is knid of stupid… *SPOILER* in the second book, when they get back to district 12 for the end of the Victory Tour, Katniss goes upstairs to see Madge and Katniss sees district 8 rebelling on the mayors tv… what are they going to do for that? and who will bring Gale the morphling after he’s whipped… because Madge is the one who brings it to Katniss’s house.

    I still really liked the movie… TEAM PEETA!

  17. One thing that I noticed is that they didn’t show the friendship that developed between Cinna and Katniss. It was a nice moment in the book. THEY NEEDED MORE BLOOD. SHOULD’VE BEEN RATED R

  18. 5 things I didn’t like:
    1. They didn’t introduce Haymich at the reaping. I missed not seeing that on screen.
    2. Haymich never coached Katniss and Peeta to be in love with each other.
    3. Cave scene wasn’t long enough
    4. Peeta didn’t loose his leg in the movie (the whole scene after they win the games is cut out!)
    5. Anticlimactic ending with the berries and katniss didn’t tell him she was lying about being in love.

    These were the inky things I didn’t like. Other than that I think the movie was great! After all… I don’t think anyone wants to sit for 4 hours watching a movie, and that what would have happened if they kept everything in. All in all, I think that is was very well done. Def met my expectations!

    • I completely agree with you. Those were things that threw me off a bit, but I also think that it was really good!! 🙂

  19. OK, so I thought it was REALLY good. The riot in district 11 wasn’t necesarily the same riot as in Catching Fire. I think the little differences (i.e. Buttercups coloring, etc.) weren’t necessary and those angered me. There were a few big changes that made me pretty angry (i.e. Peeta’s leg, Madge’s existence) but the vast majority of the major changes made sense and seemed intentional. I honestly loved it and I understand most of the changes, especially with the knowledge that Suzanne Collins was an integral part of the script writing. A lot of it was supplemental stuff that I imagine Suzanne Collins would have put in the book had she chosen an omniscient narrator. OK, that’s all I really wanted to say.

  20. I noticed alot of things
    1. Haymitch never threw up when they were done with dinner on the train
    2. Madge didnt give katniss the pin
    3. Peetas dad never comes to see her before she leaves district 12
    4. Katniss never goes deaf from the explosion
    5. What happened to her sleeping bad during the games
    6. When did Foxface and katniss run into eachother in the book
    7. When did the boy from district 8 try and grab the back pack to?
    8. When going in to get scored after training peeta was supposed to go first
    9. they were only supposed to get half of a crown
    10. Peeta was supposed to get crowned first
    11. they skipped aton of the cave part
    12. it was supposed to rain for days
    13. what happened to katniss getting dehydrated
    14. Katniss barely ever hunted throughout the games
    there was alot more but i dont want to write any more

  21. When katniss blows up the careers food, in the book it takes 3 arrows to tear open the sack of apples, in the movie, it only takes two

  22. Peeta and Katniss only kissed once in the movie. They kissed way more in the book.
    Plus, in the book Cato’s knife doesn’t get taken.
    On top of that, someone was wearing converse in the movie

  23. I absolutely loved the movie but they left out the significance of Katniss’s father as the one who truly taught her how to hunt and how to survive in the wildernesss. Her father was the reason she could hunt and also she talked about his singing voice which was beautiful and that was why when she sang to Rue, it meant more in the movie then what they showed on the big screen. Her father contributed to her strength while he was alive and it should have been in the movie.

  24. a bunch of my friends said that at the end of the book the crown was supposed to break in half or something, though i dont quite remember that…

  25. 1. The cat was NOT Buttercup
    2. The pin… tsk tsk.
    3. Duck tail when Prim was called.
    4. HAYMITCH FALLING OFF THE STAGE! I was soooo looking forward to it.
    5. Hymitch seemed generally fond of Katniss. HELLO? “About as much charm as a dead slug”?!
    6. Haymitch falling in his vomit… I would have laughed.
    7. The begining was boring and dry.
    8. Why does it start with Caeser? WHY?!
    9. Peeta’s eyes are BLUE. Would it have been that hard to fix that?
    10. Skimed over the Peeta/Katniss bread thing
    11. Gale is supposed to be a snare wiz.
    12. NONE of the tributes EVER looked sarving, thirsty, unhappy, cold, or scared.
    13. No sleeping bag. This gives no motivation for the first girl to light the fire. You light a fire if its cold. It didn’t look cold to me. She wasn’t THAT stupid!!
    14. Cinna was underdone.
    15. Katniss bringing the pin into the games was supposed to be a token, not a secret.
    16. I HATED the weird silence as the games begun. I wanted it to be crazy, rushed and scary. It was underwhelming.
    17. The tracker jacker hallucinations were pathetic. I wanted green, purple, blue oozing from everywhere, and then “the ants bore into my eyes and I pass out”.
    18. Rue’s death… Mainstay Pro did a better job. Look them up, they’re wonderful. (the uprising in 11 was amazing, but could have waited until CF)
    19. Rue isn’t supposed to tell Katniss where Peeta is. I cringed when I heard it.
    20. The river was too fat.
    21. NO pus or blood came out of peeta’s leg. It seemed like he wasn’t in pain at all. Much less dying.
    22. Skipped out on the sponsor gifts
    23. Mutts were supposed to resemble the tributes. They just seemed like big dogs with no metaphorical meaning.
    24. THE BERRIES WERE SUPPOSED TO BE IN THEIR MOUTHS. sooo anticlimactic. I wanted to fall asleep.
    25. The arena sky. Why was it a grid. They’re not supposed to figure out it’s fake until Catching Fire.
    26. Peeta’s Leg!!! I wanted that sucker off…
    27. The scene where they are in the craft, and Katniss is freaking out behind the glass.
    28. The K/P love was portrayed as being real to both of them, which leaves no point in Snow saying he didn’t belive it.
    29. They seemed to be in the arena for 3 days, not months.
    30. Her fire dress in the interveiws was PATHETIC! It would have been great if she had a puffy-er skirt (not a mermaid tail!)that entirely lit on fire, not just the bottom.
    31. Her nails should have been painted with flames during the arena.
    32. THe chariot fire wouldn’t have given them an advantage as portrayed in the movie. It looked fake from the side. Not enough flames!!!
    33. THe holding hands idea. (Skipping out on Cinna!)
    34. Twirl for me! (skipping out on Cinna!)
    35. There really won’t be a Team Peeta or Team Gale thing for Movie-Only Fans, because there was ZERO characterization in Gale.
    36. They never showed the flaming Mockingjay, like in the posters. I was hoping for it in the end when Snow was going uup the stairs. *The shot melts into flames, and the mockingjay pin appears, the arrow is shot into it, it spins, catching it on fire, like in the commercials*

    It almost did the books justice though. It didn’t suck. Yay.

  26. you missed a big one, they didnt show that Peeta losses a leg in the movie, which kinda upset me even though its good for him! lol

  27. The Avox girl was completely kept out, actually the whole “Avox” thing is mentioned in passing, but not by name. I’m not going to mention anymore, because most people picked up on that stuff above.

  28. I absolutely agree with k peanut.
    I disliked how the movie portrayed katniss and peetas love. In the book it seemed like they bonded and became close after the long train ride and the course of training. Because this friendship is what makes his alliance with the careers more betraying to katniss. The movie sped things up they were like strangers on the train and he confessed his love for her in his interview. Everything was pretty rushed so now looking upon the movie, if I were the president or part of the Capitol I would not believe the ” blinded by love” excuse at all because the movie only showed two kisses. And their discussion that was(supposed to bring the cough syrup) was short and don’t mention peetas fathers love for katniss mother. Anyways it was a good movie just wish it was like 3 hours like Avatar then they could fit in all the details.

  29. Katniss’ mother is supposed to be a sort of “doctor” for district 12, and that’s how Katniss knows about plants and such.

    Also, I really wish they had kept the introduction of Haymitch from the book when he drunkenly falls off the stage.

  30. I thought the movie was amazing. The way they portrayed the capital, districts, arena, and etc. was perfect! They only removed characters they didn’t think were entirely necessary like Madge and the mayor they are only brought up in the book very few times, and the red headed avox girl that was in the forest running for her life in the begging of the book and made eye contact with Katniss just before she was captured. Portia was there she just didn’t have time to talk in the movie. The hover crafts were supposed to pick up the dead tributes which also hinted off to the tributes that there is possibly someone nearby that just killed the tribute. But people are bringing up little things like the cats fur color being wrong and insignificant things like that. It doesn’t matter. Although I actually would not have minded sitting through a 4 hour movie just so they could have put everything in because even though it was 3 hours it felt much shorter than that.

    • PERFECT. I completely agree with you on all points. The movie was excellent and the little details, though they take away some depth, are not as important. Though leaving things out like Peeta’s leg and the relationship Katniss has with with her father were a bit hard to deal with :

      But I LOVED the movie and have already seen it twice 🙂

  31. I haven’t seen the movie, but here’s what I think based upon these spoilers.

    1. So Madge wasn’t in the movie. I don’t mind because if I remember right, her only role was as the mayor’s daughter and to give Katniss the pin. Therefore I understand why she was cut.

    2. The riots were added as foreshadowing I believe, so I’m fine with it.

    3. Unlike Peeta’s leg, Katniss’ ear was completely fixed wasn’t it? I’m upset that they took out the part about Peeta’s leg but Katniss’ ear wasn’t that major.

    4. Did I read that Katniss doesn’t tell Peeta that her love was for the games? That was pretty big wasn’t it? Ouch they’re going to have to side step some stuff in the next one.

    5. The Avox girl was cut because they didn’t have time. I understand how that was a let down but you win some you lose some.

    6. The Mutts I’m a little upset over but I get that getting them perfect would have been challenging.

    It seems like the movie got the major points across to me. I still can’t wait to see it 🙂

  32. Is it really so hard to follow the book? All the changes will make it just that much harder to make the next movie follow the plot of the second book. Peeta’s leg, who gave the mocking pin, Haymitch’s very important lines, the false romance, and whatever else they screwed up, that’s gonna F up a lot of the plot in the next movie. Irritating…

  33. in the movie (which i saw just hours ago), haymitch wasn’t at the reaping. he didn’t even show up until they were on the train. i was kinda dissappointed because i really wanted to see him fall off the stage 🙂

  34. other than the thing you mentioned their were a few other things left out but really it was an awesome movie they stayed really true to the books. i don’t get all these people complaining it was horrible they had to leave some things out or it would be to long and confusing for people who haven’t read the books. i think i would know the differences now i’ve seen it 3 times and their not that big.

  35. I noticed that they didn’t show Peeta’s prosthetic leg at the end or her in hysterics on the hovercraft. They didn’t have the story about the Avox girl nor did they add Katniss struggling for dehydration. In the book, Katniss and Peeta kiss A LOT more than once. Also, Thresh is supposed to kill Clove with a rock. Rus didn’t tell Katniss about her district and her love for singing. Katniss disnt give Peeta the sleep syrup to go get the medicine. Hay itch wasn’t drunk and carrying on at the reaping.

    That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

  36. In the book Haymitch is supposed to take a headdive off the stage, which doesn’t happen in the movie. Katniss almost stabs Haymitch’s hand in the movie where as she throws it into the wall in the book. The roof scene where Katniss tells Peeta about the Avox girl wasn’t in the movie The training sessions, Peeta was supposed to go first. The Cornicupia was black and in sections, it’s supposed to be golden. The boy from District three didn’t stay with the supplies in the book, he left, where as he stayed in the book. It took three shots for Katniss to blow up the food in the book, two shots for the movie. Katniss doesn’t sing all of Rue’s lullaby. The cave scene wasn’t very detailed. Katniss didn’t get the sleep syrup to knock out Peeta. The feast, Katniss was supposed to yell Peeta’s name.The lakes and ponds didn’t dry up. Cato is supposed to have a weapon and fight the Mutts throughout the night. Katniss kills him right away in the movie. And Peeta doesn’t learn Katniss was lying to him. Yeah, I may be a little addicted to the books if I knew the number of arrows shot to blow up the food, oh well they’re too good not to be obssesed.

  37. 1. In the book peeta has to ask over and over again for a kiss where as in the movie she just. Kinda decides to do it. 2. In the movie marvel gets shot in the stomach/chest instead os the throat. 3. I’m pretty sure in the movie katniss’s father is not mentioned even once. 4. Katniss in the book is “the girl who was on fire” and in the movie it’s “the girl on fire.” 5. When katniss drops the tracker jackers in the book she runs to a river and hides in it incase the tracker jackers were following her and then realizes she saw the bow and goes back for it and in the movie right away she notices it and grabbed it. 6. In the book something happens to katniss’s hands which makes it hard to climb this does not happen in the movie. 7. When peeta and katniss go to the cornacopia peetas leg is still pretty injured and In the movie it’s almost completely healed. 8. Katniss never gets blood coughed in her face in the movie. 9. Im pretty sure in the book it takes 3 arrows to make the apples fall on the landmines where as in the movie it’s 2. That’s about all I can remember that wasn’t already said

  38. Well, Peeta’s dad was supposed to give Katniss some cookies when they had the visiting after the reaping.

    During their first meeting, Haymitch threw up and fell in it, which gives Katniss and Peeta one of their first conversations on the train, but it didn’t happen in the movie.

    The assistant with pale green skin wasn’t there during Katniss’ “transformation”.

    They showed a lot of the gamemakers’ decisions during the games… I kind of liked that though.

    The part were they put their three fingers to their mouth and put it in the air was supposed to be a sign of respect only in District 12, but they did it in 11.

    Peeta never mentioned how his father wanted to marry Katniss’ mother.

    That’s all I can think of right now. I really enjoyed the movie though! I think the part when there was an uprising in 11 helped develop the next few movies which I’m really excited for!

  39. Peeta’s leg is fatally injured and they never say he had blood poisoning. He, in the Capitol, doesn’t match Katniss after the games and they never throw the heavy objects durring training.

  40. You guys all forgot. Peeta’s eyes are supposed to be blue and that’s how Katniss finds him by the river. His eyes are brown/hazel in the movie.

    • Well that’s just the way Josh Hutcherson’s eyes are. Granted, it was an easy cosmetic change they could’ve done, but still only a minor detail…but I didn’t like that whole scene either. Peeta said one of my favourite quotes there!

  41. in the books, an Avox is Katniss’ servant in the copital before the games. effie tells her about Avoxes and Katniss remembers the girl as someone she didn’t help before being abducted by the capitol. in the movie, they never mention an Avox even though they were in the room with them as their servants

  42. One change, that I didn’t see mentioned by anybody, that annoyed me and that I thought was a pretty big thing to take out was that Katniss and Peeta came up with the signal. Then when she tries it and he doesn’t answer, she freaks then when she finds him, she yells at him telling him that that was how Rue died. I mean they had her yelling and worried, but the fact that that was how Rue die did add something to that scene in the book that wasn’t there in the movie.

  43. You failed to mention the fact that Peeta still had his leg at the end of the movie when in the book he has a prosthetic

  44. My favorite scene is when Katniss is screaming for Peeta in the hovercraft, because even though she cant admit it to herself she cares for him and loves him. That part is major! And they were supposed to be really hurt at the end of the games, Peeta was literally about to bleed to death! Grrrr, the final scene in the arena was just not intense enough.

    And did anyone else think that when Katniss and Peeta were on fire, they needed more fire? they were so much more spectacular in my head! in the movie there was some fire on their back, and the suits were funky looking.

    And her first interview dress is wrong. in the book its covered with jewles and its really beautiful. its not in the movie, which annoyed me.

    Just use the book as a script, it cant be that hard! its all written down for ya hahaha

  45. To all the idiots that saw all of the little things they missed it wad for a reason i mean the movie was already 2 and a half hours long they cant make a 5 hour movie

  46. i reread the ending and at the end when Peeta and Katniss have their little interview thing with Caesar they watch the whole Hunger Games

  47. I thought the movie was awesome! I was a little miffed about the mutts and that the cornacupia was high tech and square instead of golden. As for the rest of your complaints:
    – because the movie WASN’T in Katniss’s head it would have been hard to convey the whole avox scene
    – In the cave it would have been really boring if it had rained and all Katniss and Peeta did was eat and kiss.
    – And come on! It’s a cat – he didn’t even have a big part! Just be glad the movie didn’t turn out like Percy Jackson and the Olympians (shudder)

    • Thank you. It’s nice to know another person realizes just how dry all the cave scenes would have gotten after a while, and that Buttercup’s fur color does not matter. I think the only reason the Cornucopia was changed was to make the fight scene at the end easier on the actors – could you imagine doing that on a rounded surface?

  48. At the end when they were back in the capitol with Ceaser Flickerman, Katniss discovers that Peeta got a prosthetic leg from the injuries in the games, but he did not. He seemed to walk fine after they killed Cato.

  49. It’s been a while since i read the hunger games but I could have swore Cato suffered realllllly longer than in the movie.

  50. There were a lot of other, more important changes made in the movie, but something that really bothered me was that Buttercup was black and white instead of a yucky yellow like in the book. I’m not sure why, but this is what bothered me the most, aside from the fact that they removed most of the ending from the movie.

  51. In the book there is a Avox (criminal with tongue cut out)that Katniss and Peeta recognize, but she’s also not in the movie.

  52. At the reaping the names were supposed to float around in the bowls, which is why in the 2nd book when there are so few names she has such a hard time choosing one. Also, they didn’t go out to the lake thingy at the beginning. Lastly (I think,) at the end Cato was supposed to climb up into the cornicopia (which was supposed to be gold, shaped like one of those thanksgiving baskets, and couple feet off of the ground) and beg katniss to kill him which she does with her last arrow. This is after he fights off a bunch of the mutts because he has the body armor (which wasn’t mentioned.) The whole begging her to kill him thing was probably replaced by his little speech at the end though. Oh and also, they never had Katniss explaining Peeta that Cato didn’t kill foxface and that she was his kill. And finally, Cato and CLOVE were supposed to be all romancy, not Glimmer, and clove was supposed to be all psyco I’m gonna slice you up when she threatened Katniss and that’s why Thresh gets all pissed cuz he thinks that that’s what they did to Rue. Oh, she didn’t baraid the flowers into her hair. Their are other little things that they didn’t explain but I understand because there wasn’t time. Overall, awesome movie that stayed pretty true to the book although I don’t know what they’re gonna do about Katniss’s ear. That was her excuse for knowing about the forcefield member? Because she ‘heard’ it? Not because she saw the rainbow spot or anything… Oh and one last thing.

    TEAM GALE!!!!! (Thought he needed some love.)


  53. Honestly, though the movie was different, I thought it was good. It was REALLY long even with a ton cut out, so give them some credit! With some of the things as they were in the book, the movie would have cost a lot more and been like four hours. Also, I’d like to point out Suzanne Collins wrote/helped with the script. The movie wasn’t the same as the books, but it was still her vision.

  54. WOW GUYS!!!! You’ve all overlooked the fact that KATNISS WAS SUPPOSED TO PRETEND THAT SHE WAS PREGNANT. PREGNANT. This is VERY important in the second and third books as it causes the older tributes to go easy on her and treat her differently. It also won her a lot more sympathy with the Capitol people. BIG thing to leave out.

    Also the cinematographer was like on speed or something. All the camera men were. I know they wanted to jostle the screen around so you wouldn’t see all the blood and gore (stupid! I want R-ratings!) but really? The camera was jerking everywhere in scenes that shouldn’t even have been moving. Like the camera men were running laps before shooting and couldn’t catch their breaths. It was ridiculous. Trust me I saw this movie twice in two days and it gave me a headache both times!

    For all of you freaks saying that little things like eye and fur color and stuff don’t matter. News flash-they DO MATTER! Extremely so. Especially when you take out important characters. Madge was important and the way she gave the pin to Kat was very important. She was the daughter of a Capitol official. The pin was and would become the symbol for the rebellion and it’s symbolic that a Capitol family member gave it to her, like a spark that would soon catch fire.
    And yes, the mutts were important too. In the book. Turning the dead tributes into mutated mindless beasts not only forced the last tributes to attempt to kill the dead ones again, but it was a clear showing of the Capitol’s utter lack of respect for the dead, going back on their promises to send the bodies back to their home districts to be buried, and a perfect picture of just how far their technology had advanced- and it obviously showed that they were not morally above human genetic experimentation WHICH IS EXTENDED IN BOOK 3 WHEN THEY FUCK UP PEETA’S MIND.

      • The pregnancy was in book two. Remember, Katniss didn’t realize Peeta was in love with her until they were in the Capitol, and she didn’t even like him back. When would she have gotten pregnant? In their three days at the Capitol? In the arena? And even then, she wouldn’t have known she was pregnant, not after only about three weeks.

  55. The crown in the book was one that split into two

    In the interview everyone was sitting on stage, in the movie they were back stage

    When the games were finished Petta and Katniss sat in a love seat in the movie they were in two different chairs

    Haymitch was missing during the reaping in the movie because in the book he falls off stage drunk

    In the beginning of the games Katniss is dying from dehydration

    Katniss didn’t seem to be deaf in one of her ears (so don’t remember which one right now XD) after the explosion

    Peeta’s leg was okay, even though in the book Katniss finds out that it had to be removed after the games

    And a lot of other things that I can’t remember right now

  56. I’ve read the trilogy, but I also LOVED the movie! It sure didn’t feel like an almost 2 and a half hour movie to me. Although there were definitely some differences between the book and the movie, I think the creators did a great job combining all the main points. After all, they only had 2 and a half hours to work with. I didn’t like their pick of Donald Sutherland for President Snow, but that’s just me.
    It definitely blows the Twilight Saga out of the water, so why complain? 😀

  57. I didn’t read all of the replies so I’m sure if this was addressed or not…but in the book I remember Katniss losing hearing in one of her ears (I believe it was the left ear).

  58. Get the “Us Hunger Games” magazine (the one that’s completely only about the hunger games) and it explains differences that were made door a reason

  59. What bothered me the fact that when it was announced that two people could liver, she didn’t call out Peeta’s name. She just whispered it.

  60. Buttercup was black and white in the movie, instead of a yellow color.
    Gale scared away a deer in the movie, which he did not do in the book.
    The cornucopia is silver instead of gold, like in the book.
    Peeta has brown eyes in the movie, instead of blue.
    Haymitch did not do his head dive off of the stage in the movie.
    Katniss never gave Peeta the ‘sugar berries’ in the movie.
    The cure for Peeta was supposed to be a shot, not a cream, and Katniss did not get any of it.

  61. I can’t think about anything that hasn’t already been said so just let me say that I was never convinced that District 12 was full of starving people. Nor did I feel convinced about Katniss’s dehydration in the games.

  62. The big difference to me was the perspective of the Gamemakers, the guy with the awesome facial hair? At first I was like- ADDING PAAAARRRTSSS, and then I calmed down and found that I really liked the perspective they added.

  63. Was I the only one who noticed the slight CatoXGlimmer pairing?!? It was kind of weird, but I sort of liked it. Also, the scene with Foxface right after the start(when Katniss runs into her) doesn’t happen in the book, but I liked it because it showed conveyed a bit of Katniss’s feelings towards her(how she could have almost allied with her. I felt that the changes they made were too big. Peeta’s leg doesn’t really matter, he can just as easily get captured in Catching Fire bum leg or not.
    Honestly, the movie was pretty amazing guys. Don’t ruin a good thing with unreal expectations, this movie adaptation actually followed the book almost perfectly. The riot scene wasn’t a bad change, it was a great replacement for the bread part and set up for the next movie. The only difference I thought she have stayed true to the book was the Mutts, but even then I understand that that would have been hard to do without making it looking like REALLY crappy CGI.

  64. In the book, on the way back from the Games, Katniss tells Peeta her love want real. This doesn’t happen in the movie. Also, in the book we don’t get to see them coming home from the Games and seeing their loved ones, while in the movie we see them on stage, including the scene with Prim on Gale’s shoulders. Additionally, in the movie we never get to see Peeta’s after visit Katniss before they depart for the Games.

  65. In the books there was a lot of time between Katniss and Rue, showing how their relationship developed. However, in the film, barely any time is spent between the two allies. This, for me, made it much harder to care about little Rue, heartless though that may seem.

  66. They weren’t able to get someone to play the role of Madge because they had little time. It’s not easy trying to find the perfect actors to play the characters and that’s very time consuming. Gale didn’t appear too much because he’s not in the Games and is only mentioned a some times in Katniss’s head. Be glad that they found a cast who are fans of the series. Please, don’t try to argue “they took out this and that and all that crap.” Little things aren’t that important. No, they shouldn’t make it rated R (to the retard to suggested that), because a lot of people wouldn’t be able to see the movie, especially kids who read the book; PG-13 is for everyone to watch, and I’m pretty sure the Hunger Games didn’t have any major curse words in it. Following everything in the book can actually be hard work since they made this movie for several months.

    You should seriously appreciate that they actually made the movie, especially that they made it into a PG-13 movie when the book is pretty bloody and violent that involves some nakedness (from Katniss’s grooming). Suzanne Collins was actually happy about it, and she was glad Josh was Peeta since she said he was like Peeta. You can’t expect them to add everything EXACTLY from the pages from the book – that would’ve been more than 2 hours. I’m sure there are some deleted scenes, and they have good reasons for adding and taking out a few things that aren’t stupid.

    “What about Catching Fire?” Yeah, I heard there are a couple of things from the first book that will happen in the second. They can actually fix that. They might put Madge in the next movie. These people are professionals, not you guys. Everything you read from the pages are from IMAGINATION. Everything imagined what happens in the book differently. I imagined the mutts to look like ugly vicious looking dogs that want blood. And the cat’s different color? Who cares?! It’s just a freakin’ cat. It can be any color and it shouldn’t even matter. If you didn’t enjoy the movie, forget you. You shouldn’t even bother watching the second movie then.

    And there little things. You can’t complain like babies about it – I agree with anyone who are annoyed by this. The year’s 2012 now. Stop acting like you were born last night. They’re trying to follow the major plot of the series and they know what they did, if you haven’t notice already. Be glad that they actually decided to make a film adaption. All the things that you complain makes you look like spoiled brats who want everything but can’t get it because “it’s not fair” – well, life’s not fair.

    And who keeps whining about the eyes: Shut the hell up! They’re just EYES, not everyone can see it in the movie. Be glad that they actually dyed their hair for the part and for the fans.

    And seriously, stop comparing the Hunger Games to Twilight. There is NOTHING, completely NOTHING, similar about them. It really makes anyone who does that look like complete idiots.

  67. Just a correction, in the book, the mutts didn’t have the fallen tribute’s name around their necks, they had their district number. 🙂

  68. What about the bit where they are in the cave and Peeta opens up about the time he gives her the bread and Katniss explains what happened? We only seem to get flashes of it throughout and they begin when they are still in the capitol? Also, my friend didn’t understand the fact that her father died in a mine explosion? Little details like that seriously confused her because I had to sit there after it and explain the ENTIRE story again! But other than that, I. LOVED. IT!

  69. Also, in the movie Rue gives Katniss the idea to cut the tracker-jacker nest down, but in the book, Katniss has the idea to cut it down, and then she warns Rue.

  70. They forgot the Avox completely. You could see them serving and stuff, but it was never even mentioned that they were Avox. That pissed me off.

  71. I agree with everything except that the book wasn’t written in 1st person. It was written in 3rd person from the point of view of Katniss. Don’t get angry at me for this. I had to read this for a bok assignment last summer and one of the questions stated it was in 3rd person.

  72. Peeta’s father was not present in the movie. I also wanted the part when Peeta mentioned how his father would have married Katniss’s mom and so on.

  73. Peeta’s leg, obviously. The scene where Katniss tells Peeta about Prim’s goat. The scene where Peeta’s father visits Katniss. The scene where Haymitch falls off the stage. The scene where Katniss drugs Peeta. The time Peet and Katniss get sent food. The part where Prim gave Gale and Katniss goat cheese for the day of the reaping. They changed Foxface’s place in the movie. She was fourth as opposed to fifth.

  74. the only thing that bothered me was Katniss and Peeta not having that final moment when she says her love wasn’t all read….i mean honestly i didn’t really like the book it took me less then a day to read and i could have gotten that day back …the book however was amazing who cares about a cat and a long? and who cares were she got the pin from either . like the person said above be glad they even made a movie out of this book…its not like it was easy for anyone. so calm down.

  75. Peetas leg didn’t get amputated… like wtf
    and doesn’t Katniss give Peeta a sleep syrup so she can go to the feast?

  76. I don’t know if this has already been said yet, but in the cave in the movie, Katniss doesn’t give Peeta the “sugar berries” made with Rue’s berries and the morphling Hatmitch sent.

  77. And you all have to remember that the things they left out did speed the movie along; if they included everything in the book, the movie would have been somewhere around four hours. I don’t know about you all, but my parents wouldn’t have taken me to see a four hour movie in some random and large city.

  78. They left out the part where Peeta lost his leg, the part where Katniss and Peeta are talking on the train about their “relationship”, the part where they talk about Gale as her “cousin”, how they both put the berries in their mouths and then spit them out quickly, and the part after the games are over, they were supposed to show them in the hospital. Also, Katniss wasn’t supposed to kill Cato so soon… He was supposed to be suffering for a long time before she shot him.

    • i hated how they didn’t actually eat the berries in the movie.. it was less dramatic! and it drove me nuts 🙁

  79. The Avoxes. They never even mentioned them in the movie, they only had them in the background, even though they played a big part in the first book. Actually, the whole series!

  80. Okay peeta never got punched in the face, he didn’t tell the story of when he first saw katniss, he didn’t lose a leg, peeta was sapose to go before katniss at the privite season with the game makers, and please don’t commet on my spelling, okay.

  81. they also didnt show the train ride back, when katniss tells peeta that she was just playing along with the “star crossed lovers” thing.that was a huge part leading up to catching fire.

  82. I really liked the movie and I enjoyed it. I’ve always understood that when I see a movie it won’t be EXACTLY like the book because it cant for many reasons
    1. They can’t make it from Katniss’ point of view
    2. They have a time limit
    3. They have a budget with money
    4. They also have to pay for space that they make all this in
    5. They also have a due date…

    When I saw it I was a little disappointed with a few things like Mage, and also that Haymitch wasn’t there at the beginning for the reaping I thought that was a big deal because it shows how crappy and bad district 12 really is meant to be. I was also bothered by when they didn’t show what was on the train like the showers and when Haymitch got super drunk at the point when he threw up. Also for those who are bothered by the swear words. I’m 16 years old and I’m pretty sure we say damn a lot. So for them to say it in the movie it didn’t really matter it made it more believable because that is how we all talk at my age and they are all about our age, and when most of get mad we swear a little so for them to toss Damn around which shouldn’t even be considered as a swear word. and Sh*t may have been used but I didn’t notice it, also it was rated PG-13. so obviously there’s gonna be something. But the director made sure to meet expectations of fans because its so huge for them and he was a fan before he was a director of the movie itself.

  83. Guys, think about it. Do you know how hard it is to make a movie? Obviously, you guys have never tried. It’s HARD. And The Hunger Games movie was two and a half hours long- they worked their butts off making sure they got everything in there, and no, it wasn’t perfect by any means, but their best with what they had, and it freakin’ ROCKED.

    Also, do you think that Suzanne Collins would have let them turn her book into some crappy film adaption? Well, she co-produced the movie, co-wrote the movie, and was very influential in the casting. If she’s happy with it, then so am I. We’re all figgies, we all write. Would you let some dingbat director turn your precious baby into something unrecognizable? No, you wouldn’t.

    Yes, the cat was the wrong color. There was no Madge. Peeta didn’t get a metal leg. Haymitch didn’t puke or fall off the stage. Effie was in a pink suit instead of a green one, we never met Portia, we don’t get the entire backstory on Katniss’s father (but it does make an attempt when she’s under the influence of Tracker Jacker venom and is having hallucinations, because it goes back and shows the men going down into the mines and then there being an explosion.) There were some things missing from the movie. I for one, was hoping for there to be more between Katniss and Peeta, and I wanted to see those muttations resemble the tributes. But we got the added bonus of Seneca Crane orchestrating the Games, we got to see Gale’s reaction to Katniss kissing Peeta, and we got to see how evil President Snow is earlier on.

    All in all, the movie was very, very well executed. The people behind the camera knew they were dealing with high expectations, and they did their best to meet them. Like someone else said, don’t give them crap because they didn’t place every comma. I can’t wait to see Catching Fire, and I’m certain it will be another success.

  84. Oh My Goodness. The Hunger Games was a fantastic movie. Be thankful it was even made. Nothing but negatives here. Rooting for the positives.

    You have to understand the directors can’t put everything from the book into the movie, I mean come on, you’d be sitting in the theatre for five long hours. I’m sure when the DVD comes out, there will be ALOT of special features. This is insane…minor arguements over nothing…the color of the cat to the way Peeta is dressed?! In my mind they captured the Captiol, everything really, perfectly.

    Those who haven’t watched it: It’s really well played out.

  85. Also, my family went to see it; the director tried to make it a family movie! If he followed the book, it would have been Rated R, don’t forget who is audience is…TEENAGERS! So if it was Rated R, you wouldn’t have been able to see it until it came out on DVD.

  86. Okay, guys, I know that there were a lot of things that were different from the book. I understand that. But you also have to remember that SUZANNE COLLINS helped write the script. If she thought that the changes weren’t a big deal, they must not have been.

  87. To be honest, I was disappointed in one scene. In the book, it’s stated that when Seneca decides to “allow Tributes to win together, as long as they’re from the same district”, they missed something. Katniss, without thinking, it supposed to scream out Peeta’s name! What happened to that? That part of the first book plays an important part in Catching Fire, in the interviews from the Victory Tour. They’ll have trouble with the interviews later.
    I’m sad about that.

  88. Overall, I did like the movie. Yeah, it’s not exactly like the book, but it’s hard to create a movie when it’s first person, with a lot explained by Katniss in her thoughts.
    My complaints really are things that have an impact on how they would try to make another movie. Namely, the fight between Katniss and Peeta at the end. That really sets up for the next book. They’re not supposed to even be talking in the next book for a while. And it really does look like both of them are in love with each other (at least I think that’s what it looked like), which would mean there’s absolutely no reason for conflict with Snow in the next book.
    I’m also just bothered a little by the fact that it wasn’t shown as much the interaction between Haymitch and Katniss through the food and such that he sends. He’s really telling her to milk the star-crossed lovers look for all it’s worth, and she’s going right along with it. That’s also what causes the fight in the end though, and without more of this interaction between them, at the level it is in the movie, I do think it would be awkward for the fight between them. That’s really the only major complaints I have.
    The other problems I have are only technical ones, and aren’t serious. To be clear, I’m not really complaining, and more laughing about these. I do archery, and the way Katniss holds her bow was absolutely horrible. She’s pressing her hand and the bow string INTO her face. I can’t imagine that’s terribly comfortable, and it hurts like heck if the string touches your face when you release it. Also, that Peeta uses rock camouflage. Where does he even get the materials to make his face look like a rock? And. Why is Katniss taller than Peeta? Just. No. Lol. Don’t mean to be super-complain-y when I’m saying these. Just makes me laugh, really.
    I did really like the movie. It’s probably really difficult to create a movie based off a book that’s in first person, and I believe they handled it really well. I liked that they cut to Caesar for explaining what the tracker-jackers are for example. It was, in my opinion, a creative way to handle it, and worked really well. Do I think they could have done it better? Definitely. But I’m still very satisfied with the movie.

  89. There was only one thing that really annoyed me.

    And that was: ‘Where the hell were the Avoxes? Where the hell was Lavinia?’

    The concept of the Avoxes was my favourite part of all the books, and I was royally annoyed that they weren’t even mentioned in the movie.

    What are they going to do about Darius in Catching Fire, then, eh?

  90. I don’t know if this is a big deal, but in the book, Avoxes were introduced. Katniss remembers the Avox girl in the capitol who she met in the forest with Gale, and didn’t save her from a hovercraft.

  91. I really enjoyed the movie. I’m just concerned on how they’re going to set up the next one. It will be kind of difficult to, without varying from the book a lot more than they did with the first. I missed the in depth conversation in the cave and the Avoxes and Peeta’s missing leg has a slight affect in the other movies, so how are they going to resolve all of these problems? I realize that everyone else has probably mentioned these but I would just like a few people to post replies as to propose solutions to these problems. Maybe we could help the producers out. Anyway, I loved the book and the movie immensely much. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  92. Had a scan through and I don’t know if anyone else mentioned it, but didn’t Katniss loose her hearing? I think it was after the bomb goes off when she destroyed the careers’ supplies. The movie had a high pitched noise at that point which I think was supposed to represent that, but the whole fixing her ear up part was skipped. Not a big deal, but its something I noticed. Also I think there was a few cannon shots that were skipped.

    Overall I loved the movie and I thought it was great!! Really well done and close to the book considering what it could have been.

  93. I agree with a lot that you had to say.
    A lot of the things the movie left out were understandable. The book was so full of Katniss’s thoughts, it’s really tough to portray that type of thing on film. Plus, a lot of the timing in the book would have been akward on screen. It’s easy to see why they did a lot of what they did.

    I know where you’re coming from, but I’m gunna defend the HG movie till the end.

  94. I agree with this: IS IT THAT HARD TO FOLLOW THE BOOK??
    One thing that I just realized and remembered is that


    Now tell me people, there’s something wrong with that.


    We all missed the part where when Katniss enters the helicopter to be sent to the arena, she was supposed to be frozen to the ladder. It wood have been cool to see that all effected-up and stuff.

  96. They can’t possibly go ahead and amputate my future husband, Josh Hutcherson AKA PEEEETA’s leg in the movie, duhhhh.

  97. I just finished reading the book after seeing the movie (i know backward) but i feel as if they went a little light on how brutal the ppl of the capitol can be in the movie. In the book they have the avox story and rues story about how they killed a boy for night vision glasses. Anyone feel the same?

  98. Gale wasn’t really angry about the capitol,which was odd. Haymitch got himself pulled together much too quickly in my opinion. You missed the part where he falls offstage and later barfs on the trian. The “stay alive” scenes were missing, and yes, I was sad because those stay an important theme throughout. You missed the part where Effie and Haymitch congragulated Peeta and Katniss when they finished. Side note-I loved the casting.Caesar,Effie,Katniss,Rue,Peeta and Haymitch were VERY good. 😀

    • Yes, Haymitch almost molesting -too much?- was one of the things I missed from the movie. That scene was very comedic… Giving thought about it, I guess they just wanted to lessen the comedy. Increase the drama, especially when they’ve already established such a tension from the start wherein Katniss was comforting Prim. The deletion of Haymitch’s tumbling-over scene must be mainly because they wanted to be consistent with the tension.

  99. The movie did a pretty good job… Honestly, I was only able to say that after a lot of sulking. But hey, the movie’s only an adaptation, not a replication, of the book. And I think the changes added to the flavor and the identity of the movie.

    Main flaw I cannot get over: DELETION OF PEETA’S SHIRTLESS SCENE!… Half-naked scene? Why did they pass that one? The readers-viewers would’ve eaten that up. Josh Hutcherson was also already 19 when they filmed it so there shouldn’t be any problem concerning child exploitation unlike with Taylor Lautner in the Twilight Saga. Well, there’s still catching fire to make up for and there most of the tributes strip to their undies. Although I’m pretty sure that they’ll cut Johanna’s stripping in the elevator. I’ll have no regrets over that though.

  100. Just wanted to inform you the changes about Rue are reversed…what you said happened in the movie actually was the book and vice versa

  101. I realize I came in a bit late into the Hunger Games obsession so I doubt my opinion holds much against people who have been there since the very beginning. But all the same I would like to throw out there one of the few things that peeved me off about the movie vs the book.

    First of all, my biggest mistake is reading the books almost right before seeing the movie, so every little detail is quite fresh in my brain while watching it, so little things did grate on me but thanks to having once been very into the Harry Potter series and then the movies, I’m quite used to directors taking…. freedom… in how they depict the book in their movies. Keeping that in mind, the one thing that seriously got to me was how Rue was killed. It wasn’t just because it wasn’t exactly how it was written. It was more than that. It was almost like… going back in time and changing a certain event that happened. Kind of like cheating. It was like the writers of the movie went “I can’t bear with the fact that she couldn’t just have one little victory in that moment, one little thing that she could remind herself later ‘at least I saved her from the net, I wasn’t exactly too late.'”


    I’m sorry, but she was too late. She had that guilt, all the way through all three books. She didn’t get to her in time, she wasn’t standing right next to her when she died. She witnessed that horrible death of being stabbed in the net and being unable to do utterly anything else but shoot the arrow at the boy from District 1. Sure they replaced one guilt for another ‘If I had just scanned the area first’ etc so technically she is still damaged from the incident… But to me this just feels like being cheated. I don’t know, it’s just my opinion, and out of everything else that was changed for whatever reason they felt needed, this one bugged me the most.

    Well… that and Haymitch not goosing Effie and falling off the stage. That’s understandable though, there was just too much to try to fit into the first movie.

    But author, if you’d still like a complete list of every little detail that was not in the book that was in the movie, please let me know, lol, the first book is still pretty fresh in my mind.

    OH! And the Avox girl /sigh, missing… But apparently not the hovercraft that took her….. Despite it being at the wrong time?

  102. Peetas leg never got better by the cream in the movie, instead in the book it was an injection to cure blood poisoning. In the book Peeta marks Catos hand with an x in his own blood. Oh and I do believe the cornucopia was gold in the book.

  103. In the book, clove’s death is different. She gets smashed in the head with a rock many times (by thresh) until her head is deformed and her skull is cracked, she then drowns in her own blood because she survived the rock.
    In the film thresh gets her coat and smashed her back against the cornucopia. This breaks her back and kills her. If lionsgate put the real ways of the tributes dying, the film would have to be a 15 and the mocking jay would have to be a 18!

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