Featured Fig: Aivilo Heart

What makes Figment Figment? Well, there are forums and blog posts and writing groups and featured books. But what really makes this place special are all of you Figs. So you should get some love.

Who’s up this week? Superfig Aivilo Heart, a 13-year-old from New Jersey with a Nutella addiction and a penchant for writing magical stories.

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What first got you into Figment?

I first found out about Figment from one of my friends. At first I thought it would be one of those websites that I spent a little time on and stopped going on eventually, but I’ve found I really like it. I get a lot of great feedback on my stories.

Which of your own stories are you most proud of? Why?

I’m most proud of “Repetition.” I’ve definitely worked hardest on it, and it’s been a lot of fun to write a mystery (this is my first one), even though I just started it. I’ve had some trouble figuring out the twists and clues a mystery has to have, but I’ve got almost everything written down, and I’ve got a good feeling about this one–unlike some of my other stories, which I ended up quitting on before I even got to the good part.

You set your stories in mostly magical-realistic worlds. Which books with that type of setting have inspired you the most?

I can find something to inspire me in almost every book, but for some reason, whenever I’m writing I think back to when I read The Mysterious Benedict Society series when I was 9 or 10. That was around the time I decided to be a writer, because I loved how I could never stop reading them, and the ideas the author had. I know I’m a little old for them now, but I still think back to them sometimes and it helps me get some ideas. I always like how there’s a lot going on in those books.

Most of your protagonists are girls. Do you ever write from a male perspective? Which is harder, and why?

I have never written from a male perspective, mostly because I try to connect with my characters a lot, and put a little bit of who I am in them. To be honest, I’m a little hesitant about writing from a male perspective because now I’m so used to writing as a girl, and I feel like writing from a boy’s perspective would be tough for me, though I guess I’ll have to step out of my comfort zone sooner or later.

At 2 a.m., you’re most likely . . . 

Asleep. I don’t like staying up; I get grumpy and unfocused in the morning if I do. 😉

If you could be a fictitious animal, which would you be and why?

I would be a dragon. That way, when my twin brother annoyed me, I would just burn him to ashes and then I wouldn’t have to deal with him anymore. Just kidding. Mostly . . .

Which three authors would you take to lunch, and what would they say to each other?

Trenton Lee Stewart, Suzanne Collins, and Jo Rowling. I would love to hear about when they started writing, and how they get inspired, etc. It would be so amazing to chat with them.

You are a member of the group “Nutellaism.” What is Nutellaism, and why should we all bow down to the Nutella gods?

Nutellaism is the strong, undying love for Nutella! We should all bow down to the Nutella gods because Nutella is the most amazing food known to mankind.


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