Daily Theme(s) from Douglas McGray!

Man, are we lucky. This week, writer Douglas McGray has provided us with not just one, but three separate Daily Themes! With an extensive resume that includes writing for the likes of The New York Times Magazine, Atlantic Monthly, The New Yorker, and This American Life, Douglas’s experience covers a really broad range of writing styles. And he’s even the co-creator and editor-in-chief of Pop-Up Magazine, a crazy-cool live magazine event.

Today’s prompt pulls from his journalistic roots: you’re challenged to write about something real that happened to you, but with bright, compelling, and vivid details. That’s not all, though — read on for this theme’s time capsule twist!

Figment Daily Theme–March 29, 2012
Write a vivid, fiction-like, but true story of something that happened to you recently, something you would like to remember. Then seal it in an envelope, write your name on the front, and hide it somewhere in your home where you won’t stumble upon it for a long time — between two old books you never read, or in the very back of a closet, or underneath your mattress. 

As an added bonus, if you missed Douglas’s other two themes, here they are…

Figment Daily ThemeMarch 28, 2012
Ask an older relative to show you an old photo album. Ask lots of questions, then write the true story behind one of the photographs. Optional: Ask permission to frame the photograph, and hide a copy of your story in the frame.

Figment Daily ThemeMarch 27, 2012
A typical newspaper opinion column runs about 600 words. Write a 600-word piece of short fiction that, similarly, might nudge someone toward sharing a belief that matters to you. 

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