From the Forums: Judge A Book By Its Cover

Last week, we sent you to the forums to share your opinion on an important question: What makes a truly awful book cover? You talked bright colors, oversized author credits, movie-posters-as-book-covers, and . . . *ahem* . . . “adult” content. Check out what your fellow Figs had to say, and join in for this week’s discussion about your favorite book covers of all time—for a chance to win a prize pack of books!

Jenny just wants a little consistency:

Book covers that don’t go with the little bit of story on the back. It’s like if you read the back and it said it was about a girl that’s witch and is sent off you school to learn to use her powers, then on th cover it’s a guy wearing no shirt standing on a cliff. Like what’s with that? Thats what I don’t like about a cover.

Eliza says:

It drives me crazy when the author’s name is bigger than the title of the book. Narcissistic much?

Nebraska wants something original:

I hate when the cover has too many words on it. I find taglines to be a bit unnecessary at times, and it especially drives me nuts when I see the following:

“The Hunger Games meets Harry Potter.” – Kirkus Review (On the cover of the book The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann)

Not only did that qoute make me shy away, it also gave me a bad impression of the story quality. More likely than not, if on the cover I see that the book is being compared to some big name, I won’t give it a chance.”

Megan seems to sum up what most of you thought:

I hate to see book covers with two people going at it.
Or when the words are so OBNOXIOUSLY BIG.
Or when you can’t read the book…or too many words on it. Short and sweet sells best.
Another don’t is “THIS IS THE NEW (insert bestselling novel here!)”.

There are some very specific warnings here. Keep them mind when you’re designing a cover for Rachel Hawkins’s new novel, Spell Bound. If you win, Hyperion will send you a special edition of the book professionally printed with YOUR cover!

4 thoughts on “From the Forums: Judge A Book By Its Cover

  1. Oh my Gosh, I have to agree with EVERY one of you who posted a comment so far! I especially shy away when the cover pic is too elaborate- I don’t mind words all that much but trying to make it seem like such a big when its not? PUH-leez!

  2. Yeah I agree covers with too much going on is distracting, and really takes away from the story… considering that its a book and its supposed to be about the story inside NOT.THE.COVER!!!!

    Then again, I find books that have too little going on and look really boring make me feel like the story is going to be the same… but that just my opinion…

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