She’s the First: Teen Poetry Coming at’cha!

We’re excited about National Poetry Month. You’re excited about National Poetry Month. And our friends at She’s the First are super excited about National Poetry Month. A non-profit organization dedicated to advocating and fundraising for girls’ education, She’s the First mobilizes social media and student leadership to directly connect with girls around the world. It’s a pretty amazing initiative, and in honor of Poetry Month, they’re releasing an anthology of poetry to raise money for the cause!

Based on a single prompt — “If the world were your classroom, what would you teach a girl?,” the organization gathered over 7,000 responses from writers young and old. A selection of those pieces were compiled into an anthology which was released on April 7. Best of all, 100% of proceeds go to sponsoring girls’ education directly, so don’t hesitate to grab a copy!

In honor of the book’s publication as well as National Poetry Month, She’s the First will kindly be sharing poems from the anthology with us throughout the week, and we’re thrilled to begin with “Ascension,” written by Becky Li.


The nest is a cage
And you are but a willing prisoner.
When you find your infant feathers shedding,
Take a breath and leap.
Turn the thunder in your heart,
From apprehension to fervor.
For it is your turn to join the symphony of liberty,
And drink from the fountain of possibility.
Spread your plumes proudly,
For they may never be matched.
You are artwork of the sky.
Never mind the machines above,

With their painted corporate insignia,
And their creaky metal wings.
Through bolts and wheels they only hope to achieve,
What nature bestows upon you.
They soar too fast—
Always on schedule;
Always with a set destination.
You have a destination too,

But you might never be on schedule.
And that is a blessing.
Scale mountains,
Glide through jungles,
Surf the changing winds, and
Always, always, chase sunrises.
No boundaries, just horizons.

Can’t get enough poetry? You can purchase the anthology here, so that’s a great first step. She’s the First will also be hosting a fundraiser in New York City on April 17, and some of the poets featured in the book will be reading their work live. Never mind if you don’t live in the city — the event will also be live streamed! Click here for more details.

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