She’s The First Brings the Poetry to the Party

There are so many ways to celebrate National Poetry Month, whether that means getting your bard on and moodily wandering the moors or letting loose at your local poetry slam. Our friends at She’s the First are celebrating with their a new anthology of original poetry, all written in response to the prompt “If the world were your classroom what would you teach a girl?” Proceeds from the sales of the anthology go to sponsoring girls’ education around the world. And this week STF is sharing some of their poems with us!


Dear nine-year-old girl,
Enjoy the days when you and your dad would twirl.
Before you know it, time flies
And soon you will be in junior high.
Don’t worry, this is your awkward stage,
You will be beautiful by your 17th year of age.
In high school there will be many boys,
I encourage you to have fun but handle them with poise.
If the star quarterback doesn’t see that you are beautiful inside and out
Don’t worry, I’ve heard college boys are what it’s all about.
So be patient with your life, enjoy being little,
And always remember, you don’t need a man to live your life like there’s no tomorrow.

-Jordyn Wells

If you’re hungry for more along lyrical lines, She’s The First will also be hosting a poetry-filled fundraiser in New York City on April 17. Several poets published in the anthology (which you can order here) will read their works live, and there will also be a live stream for those who can’t make it in person.

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