Enter The List Contest!

Inspired by Siobhan Vivian’s new book The List, we’re asking you to write a story from the perspective of a character who’s considered “hot” or “ugly.” You have another week to enter–entries are accepted until 11:59p.m. on April 19–so get writing!

Ever wonder what it might be like to be considered the hottest girl or guy in your school? Sounds pretty sweet–imagine the privilege that might grant you. But what about being thought of as the ugliest? That might not be so great. Use this thought experiment to springboard your story, and check out The List for a limited time on Figment here for some inspiration. Have fun!

8 thoughts on “Enter The List Contest!

  1. So should we write this in first-person perspective or second? I read the excerpt they were providing as an example but it confused me. This contest seems interesting. I’ll try to whip something up once I know whether I should write it in first- or second-person. Thanks for any help!

    • Hey Brandi-
      You can write in either first or second perspective, but the character being the “I” (in first person) or the “You” (in second person) should be either pretty or ugly.

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