What You Missed on Glee

Season 3, Episode 15 “Big Brother”

It’s been a while, gleeks and glequettes, so refresh with last episode’s Gleecap.

Quinn is left in a wheelchair after her text-and-drive hit-and-run. She’s on track to get out of the chair by Nationals, but Artie, her new part-chair in crime (YAY PUNS!), seems leery of her hope.

Sue strikes a deal with Principal Figgins to maintain sole coachership of the Cheerios. If she can coach the New Directions to a Nationals win, she gets to keep her top-dog spot. If she loses, she becomes co-coach with Roz Washington, swim-coach and inspirational speaker.

Blaine’s brother, Cooper Anderson (who is AT LEAST as attractive as Anderson Cooper) is in town because his credit-score commercial shoot is on hiatus. Cooper is hot drawing the attention of all of Lima, including the ickickick attention of Sue.

Blaine and Cooper have some weird sexual tension for brothers. Maybe it’s the duet performance of break-up Gotye number “Somebody That I Used to Know”? Maybe my mind is just pre-shipping to prepare for the inevitable onslaught of Tumblr gifs? But srsly, Kurt is third-wheeling it hardcore.

Glee‘s boldest move? Satirizing Matthew Morrison (the actor who plays Mr. Schue) on their own turf! Cooper hosts a master acting class that involves such refined and subtle acting techniques like pointing at the person you’re talking to (otherwise, how will they know they’re being addressed?) and shouting loudly to show emotion (the Nicholas Cage technique). Watching that scene, I was just thinking–this is Mr. Schue, right? Right?

In Glee‘s touching moment of the day, Sue finds out that her baby is a girl, and probably has Down Syndrome. My first thought was that Sue would be a fantastic mother and would love her baby no matter what and then I was like, “Damnit GLEE! What have you done to me? I’m not going to cry.” In the interim, Sue coaching New Directions means lots of quippy nicknames (Sam will forever be”Kentucky Fried Stripper” in my mind) and put-downs.

All-in-all, this was a very broad-strokes, welcome-back episode. Next week promises some more drama. Or at least, more Samuel (who Brittany lovingly refers to as “Jesus”).

5 thoughts on “What You Missed on Glee

  1. I actually caught the last bit of the episode with my mom and just in time to catch “Kentucky Fried Stripper” XD but I loved how it was followed by Sue’s little piece about the group having great optimism.

  2. so, not the best glee ever, but i still loved it 🙂
    and, was I the only one who wondered how quin could get through a car accident, end up in a wheel chair, and still look picture perfect?? i mean, would it be too hard to show a few bandages here and there??

  3. I really enjoyed it. The little touches of Sugary were just… YES. The music was great, and I think Damian rocked the shorts that were “so short you could see what he had for breakfast” (his words, not mine). Great Spring opening, can’t wait for next week!

  4. I honestly do not like Glee – I have enough high school drama without watching it on TV – but the music is AMAZING. I will admit that much. I saw the video of Somebody I Used to Know and was just blown away…Matt has been bumped up very very high on my ‘favorite actors’ list just for that song. His voice is incredible. (Now we know where Neal ran off to! Man, this is a really good con he’s pulling!)
    Anyway, that’s all I really had to say. x3 Not a fan of the show, a huge fan of that particular song when Matt and Darren sing it. Just…wow.

  5. This episode was great except for Quinn. My friend and I agreed, very angrily, that it would’ve been better if they killed her off. Sad, yes. Dramatic, yes. But HECKA less cheesy then putting her in a wheelchair, damn everythings-fine-and-dandy-but-im-emotionally-scarred.

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