The Secret Circle’s Phoebe Tonkin and Jessica Parker Kennedy Answer YOUR Questions!

You had questions and now the cast of The Secret Circle has answers! Today the lovely, talented, Secret Circle-y  Phoebe Tonkin and  Jessica Parker Kennedy and dish on love potions, tough scenes, and Wicca.

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Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin plays Faye, a tough-as-nails witch with a penchant for dark magic and dark mascara. Before TSC, Phoebe was best known for starring in the hit Australian show H20: Just Add Water.

Q: We really liked you in the movie Tomorrow When the War Began and we want to know, which character do you relate more to? Faye or Fiona? 

A: I relate to Fi more than Faye, in fact a few of the lines that I said in the movie were taken from experiences I had in high school that I felt were similar to the feelings that Fi was feeling about being insecure. Faye is very far from who I am, I am never malicious although I can be a bit sarcastic like her.

Q: Do you like acting with an American accent?  Can you switch back and forth throughout the day, or do you need to stay in the American accent while filming?

A: I switch back to Australian when the director calls cut, but it’s a bit of a hybrid. I pronounce some letters stronger than I would if I was speaking with an Australian accent, like the ‘r’ sound.

Q: What do you like most about the character you play?

A: I like playing a character so different from myself, it’s also fun to be mean to Britt who plays Cassie, because in real life we’re actually really close friends.

Q: Would you dare use a love potion?!

A: My best friends and I actually made a love spell when we were 15. I’m still waiting to see if it worked or not…

Q: What has been the hardest scene to film so far?

A: The rain scene in the pilot was hard, only because it was so cold that night, and we filmed until about 7am in the morning, in a tiny little dress.

Q: Did any of you know anything about Wicca prior to being cast for the show?

A: I bought a book written by Fiona Horne who is Wiccan. I find that world very fascinating. I study a lot about crystals and crystal therapy, which isn’t too far off. The general belief is that there is a greater energy in this world which comes from nature, something I believe in.


On The Secret CircleJessica Parker Kennedy plays Faye’s best friend Melissa, a charismatic and sensitive witch in search of a little comfort after a series of seriously unfortunate events. She was fantastic earlier last year opposite Seth Rogen in 50/50.

Q: What do you like most about the character you play on the show?

A: I like her youthfulness.  She’s got this great balance where she’s really grounded but still making mistakes.  She’s passionate and I can relate to that.

Q: Would you dare use a love potion?!

A: No, because it wouldn’t be truly satisfying.

Q: What has been the hardest scene to film so far?

A: Anything we shoot outside, in the middle of the night in the freezing cold, which is often!

Q: If you could play any character in The Secret Circle other than your own, which character would it be?

A: Faye.  It would be fun to be a witty playful bitch all the time and get away with it.

Q: If you were a witch in real life, what would be the first thing you’d do with your power?

A: Time travel into the past!  And fly of course!

Q: Did any of you know anything about Wicca prior to being cast for the show?

A:  I used to goof around with it when I was thirteen or so.  My friends and I were obsessed with the film The Craft. We used to rent Wiccan books and spell books from the library and try them out.

Q: What spell has been the most fun for you or your character to do on the show?

A: Conjuring the hot pizza boy. That scene was hilarious to me!

Stay tuned for more Q-&-As with the other cast members of The Secret Circle and with the cast of The Vampire Diaries!

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