These Days Are Ours Contest Winners!

Michelle Haimoff’s new novel These Days Are Ours is set in a post-9/11 NYC, a city that has served as inspiration for many an artiste. We challenged all of you to write flash fiction pieces, offering Big Apple-inspired prompts for every day of the week.

Each day, one winning entry was chosen by Figment staff based on clarity and creativity. Each day’s winner will receive a copy of These Days Are Ours and some NYC tourist swag!

Without further ado, the winners are:

Monday 3/12 (scene set atop a building): Sticks by Amber Jones

Tuesday 3/13 (scene set on a famous monument): Freedom Lights by Carly Gordon

Wednesday 3/14 (scene set in a taxi): You’re Mine by Sarah the Sauerkraut

Thursday 3/15 (scene set in a busy restaurant): REACTION by Melanie Conklin

Friday 3/16 (scene set on a busy sidewalk): Imagining the Stars by Laura Chisholm

Congrats to the five lovely winners, and thanks so much to everyone who participated!


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