Read Diane Hoh’s Titanic Novels

It’s a big weekend for history buffs (and Kate and Leo fans). One hundred years ago this weekend, the unsinkable Titanic met its tragic end. This year, the anniversary is being met with a slew of special events–including the 3D redux of 1997’s Titanic, now in theaters. Here at Figment, we’ve got a commemorative contest of our own, inspired by author Diane Hoh‘s novels about the Titanic.

Hoh is the prolific author of a whopping 57 young adult novels, including a string of chilling thrillers, but she’s best known for her two books about the sinking of the grand ship: Titanic: The Long Night and its sequel, Remembering the Titanic. The books follow two teenagers, whose lives are changed forever by that fateful night: Elizabeth Farr, a rich American who’s been living in England and is despondent about having to return to her stifling, upper-class life in New York, and Katie Hanrahan, an Irish girl hoping to make her fortune in the United States.

For a limited time, you can start reading excerpts of both novels, here on Figment, by visiting Diane Hoh’s author page. (Scroll down to “Figment Writings.”) And you can actually win copies of both by entering our Titanic Flash-Fiction Contest this weekend! What are you waiting for?

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