2 thoughts on “Links You’ll Like: April 18

  1. I just figured I’d say something about the “First Winter” link.

    My father worked for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for 23 years. We take legal hunting and responsible conservation very seriously. Sometimes, even when you think you’re helping an animal, you are really harming it. That is why it’s illegal to have pet squirrels and other small animals taken from the wild in New York State. It can be way more dangerous than people think. Also, most people are not aware how fragile the environment is. They think “Oh, it’s just one deer,” but maybe that deer was the only breeding female in the radius. Taking that deer illegally could mean jeopardizing the deer population for several years.

    Yes, the makers of the movie said something along the lines of “There were so many deer starving and being eaten by dogs anyway that we didn’t even think about it.” True. Deer starve and deer are attacked by dogs. That is why we have hunting. But hunting must be done legally! Every deer that is taken MUST be reported to the DEC so that they can be cataloged. Deer populations have their own kind of census just like people do. Deer that are unaccounted for could change the balance of the eco-system. My dad spent a lot of time over his career arresting people who take deer illegally. Poachers. Essentially, the makers of this movie were poaching. No matter how you slice it, they broke the law. “I didn’t know” isn’t a good excuse when you hit a person with your car and drive away – it shouldn’t be a good excuse in this case, either.

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