Perception Contest Winners

In Perception by Kim Harrington, Clare is gifted with the sixth sense–when she touches objects, she gets wild visions of the future. Usually Clare tries to keep a low profile due to her gift, but when a girl goes missing, Clare has no choice but to reveal herself and her powers.

We challenged you to write a story in which a character can see or hear things that no one else can. The ten most-hearted entries were sent to Kim Harrington, who selected the three winners.

Kim had some comments for the winners!

First place goes to Believing by Laina Van Wingerden.

Kim says:

Absolutely lovely. Beautiful prose with likeable characters, including one with a unique gift.

Congrats, Laina! You won a copy of Clarity, a copy of Perception, and a $20 Amazon gift card.

Second place goes to Distortion by Anna Hirsch.

Kim says:

Wonderfully written, with an opening that immediately grips you with a sense of unease.

Congrats, Anna! You won a copy of Clarity, a copy of Perception and a set of Fortune-Telling Fish.

Third place goes to Schizo by Nella Ladne.

Kim says:

Skillfully written. Chilled me to the bone!

Congrats, Nella! You won a copy of Perception and a Figment tote.

Kim also had some comments for the finalists!

Speak by Mandee Dreamer

Nice twist!

A Hopeful Prospect by Kayla.W

Thrilling. I want to know what happens next!

They Speak to Me by Melissa Somoza

I loved the fast pace!

We’ll Have Forever by Karyn Leigh

Heartbreaking. Full of emotion. Great use of flashbacks.

Spoiler Alert by thefrankie

Truly imaginative spin on the idea of knowing the future.

Synesthesia by Adelman

A poetic look at a real condition.

Rosaline by Masque

Masterfully plays with what’s imagined and what’s real.

Congrats to the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated!


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