The List Superlative Game: And The Best Superlatives Are . . .

In Siobhan Vivian’s novel The List (catch an excerpt on Figment for a limited time now!), the fates of a handful of high school girls are determined when their names are listed as the hottest or the ugliest girls in the school.

As a light-hearted interpretation of the theme, we asked you to submit some (less judgey) superlatives of your own on the forums, and boy, did you guys deliver. Keep reading for some of the best and funniest pop-culture-themed nominations that you came up with for our given categories, plus a few categories you devised yourselves.

Most likely to marry Kim Kardashian: “A mirror. The egomaniac’s best friend.” —Lorem Ipsum

Best speaking voice: “Alan Rickman. All the awards.” —Vee Weasley – Proud Fig!

Most likely to replace Christina Aguileria as a judge on The Voice: “Adele, when no one listens to her music anymore.” —Coco Plum Firestone (Kony2012)

Most likely to write a YA novel (and the YA novel’s title): “Katy Perry, Thank You for Accepting my Weirdness.” —Sparrow

Friendliest: “Easy. Judge Judy.” —Dahlia Simmons

Most likely to still look good in a giant chicken suit: “Alyson Hannigan. But I think she’s done that.” —Lynette Caseman

Most talented: “Viggo Mortensen–he’s a poet, painter, photographer, writer, actor . . . ” —Eruantien Nénharma

Best sense of humor: “Tina Fey, no questions asked.” —Adelman

Best hair: “Bruce Willis (obviously).” —BlueberryAttack

Supermegafoxyawesomehottest: “Matthew Lewis (a.k.a. Neville Longbottom).” —Kennedy V. Lang

And the superlatives you created yourselves:

Most likely to be secretly made of kittens:Martin Freeman. I mean, come on.” —BlueberryAttack

Beardiest Beard: Wes Bentley as Seneca Crane.” —BlueberryAttack

Most likely to always be thought of as a character he/she played: Daniel Radcliffe” —Adelman

Thanks to everyone for participating!

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