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Season 3, Episode 16 “Saturday Night GLEEver”

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Starting off the episode dancing with Chang and Pierce, the standard by which you prove yourself as a great dancer on Glee? Darren Criss, I expect great things from you this episode.

In this episode, Will Schuester takes an APPROPRIATE interest in his students’ future for the first time in EVER. He uses the power of disco to draw three characters into thinking about the future. Santana, Finn, and Mercedes become finalists in a competition to win a replica of the white suit from Saturday Night Fever. While he really doesn’t help Santana figure anything out, and Mercedes gets there with help from Sam, Will hands Finn a VHS of Saturday Night Fever and pats him on the back with the “If a fictional character can do it, you can do it,” motivational speech.

Finn and Rachel make up, although their back-and-forth-engaged-codependent-hot-scary-mess of a relationship should be addressed. Just to, you know, prevent any high school viewers from following their sweethearts at the cost of their own futures. Cause y’all are so impressionable like that.

Brittany, in a moment of stupid like a stuffed fox, out-wiles Santana by giving her the dream she wanted–fame at any cost. Brittany releases a sex tape of her and Santana spliced with clips of Lord Tubbington and shows Santana the real price of shameless fame. Brittany also applies to college on Santana’s behalf and wins her a full cheerleading scholarship. Three cheers for a healthy relationship on Glee!

The final Glee Project winner made his debut as Wade/Unique, the transgendered student looking to shine on his terms and in his shoes, although for his big musical number, he’s borrowed shoes from Sue. And the number? T’was ill. I tried to get past my jealousy of Unique’s legs, because dang, she was working it. Jesse St. James, new coach of Vocal Adrenaline is shown storming onto stage, trying to get Unique to stop singing. Will Unique’s performance help or hurt New Directions‘ chances? Next episode, gleeks and glequettes.

This episode seemed like the beginning of the end–lots of loose threads were being drawn back into the story line as the seniors prepare to be sent off the show. On a high note, the white SNF suits were BRINGING it. “Staying Alive” was a great cover, showcasing the fun harmonies that Glee does so well. It was a great end to a passable episode that had a high point line in Brittany describing the taste of bull testicle as “just like chicken testicle.”

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