The Secret Circle’s Chris Zylka Answers Your Questions!

You had questions and now the cast of The Secret Circle has answers! Today Chris Zylka talks about why love should be organic and the secret spell he wishes he could cast!

You can attribute his striking good looks to his Russian ancestry, but Chris Zylka, who plays the mysterious Jake on The Secret Circle, has made his name acting in a string of all-American TV series. After a breakthrough guest spot on 90210, Chris went on to appear in Everybody Hates Chris, Hannah Montana, 10 Things I Hate About You–and we’re counting the days until he takes his talents to the big screen as Flash Thompson in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Q: How would you describe the relationship between Faye and Jake? They seem to be on-again/off-again week to week.

A: Faye and Jake are the two people in the Circle who know one another the best, and even when the rest of the Circle isn’t particularly happy with one of them the other will always have their back. If anyone is written in the stars in my eyes it’s these two.

Q: What do you like most about the character you play?

A: Jake will do ANYTHING to protect the Circle, even if that means going behind their backs to protect them. Psychologically, as well as physically.

Q: Would you dare use a love potion?!

A: I don’t think I would. Love should come from an honest place, where both parties have the same organic feeling about the other.

Q: What has been the hardest scene to film so far?

A: I truly believe that if you work hard enough on your character, and you love what you do, then there is no such thing as a hard scene.

Q: If you could play any character in The Secret Circle other than your own, which character would it be? 

A: I like Jake just fine. To be quite honest everyone else does such a great job portraying their characters I couldn’t see ANYONE else playing their parts. They’ve truly made them their own.

Q: If you were a witch in real life, what would be the first thing you’d do with your power?

A: Make a spell for The Secret Circle to be picked up for Season 2!

Q:  Did any of you know anything about Wicca prior to being cast for the show?

A: I think everyone kind of did a bit of research on the topic, but real-life Wicca and the Wicca that is suitable for our demographic are a bit different.

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