What the Fig?: Born to Die by Lana Del Rey

I was quite excited to get my hands on Lana Del Rey‘s new album, Born to Die, and see what else she could do–I really enjoyed the singles put out pre-release. I love how her music has this drifting and drowning feel, and a sense of desperation.

Blue Jeans” is a perfect example; there’s a dark atmosphere created by the damsel in distress (or maybe she’s just a clingy girlfriend), and the way Lana combines the naïve-sounding highs with the despairing lows makes the song interesting to listen to.

It’s not all gloom. “Diet Mountain Dew” is that sort of casual song you can bop and roll to with its hip-hop undertones. The song describes wanting a guy that’s “no good for me”–very much Lana Del Rey’s territory. “National Anthem” is another one you can throw your hands up for, among others.

The singer shows us her charming, flirtatious side in “Radio.” “Now my life is sweet like cinnamon,” she teases. The song has lots of movement and fluidity and the lighthearted chorus gives it an airy, ethereal quality.

Another favorite of mine is “Lucky Ones“–I’m quite the sucker for romance. A very elegant blend of strings and percussion, this is a song that just sounds really . . . pretty, for lack of a better word. “I tried so hard to act nice like a lady, you taught me that it was good to be crazy”. Definitely a serenade to the lucky guy who must have served as inspiration.

There’s heartbreak and insecurity in the beautiful “Dark Paradise.” It’s all about being stuck in a moment so beautiful that you’re scared to lose it. The lyrics are direct and vulnerable, like a girl talking to her lover or friend, or daydreaming.

In fact, that’s how the whole album feels: like a beautiful, fleeting daydream.

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2 thoughts on “What the Fig?: Born to Die by Lana Del Rey

  1. I have this album on my iPhone! While I hadn’t played it hat much, I still like some of the songs. What are your thoughts on “Off to the Races”? Personally, the child-like attitude and the Lolita-like implications with great beat and strings make it a stand-out track.

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