Finalists in the Peter and the Starcatcher Contest!

Many inspired Figs flocked to our Neverland-inspired Peter and the Starcatcher contest. We asked all of you to write a story in 750 words or fewer inspired by the phrase “young at heart” for a chance to see the popular kids’ book as a broadway adaptation. Well, the finalists are finally in!

These thirty stories will be judged by the Figment editorial team. Five will be selected to receive a voucher for two tickets to Peter and the Starcatcher as well as a copy of the novel Peter and the Starcatchers–SIGNED by authors Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson!

The finalists are:

Ballet Slippers by Cerulean
In Search of Neverland by Vanessa Mansfield
A Kitten at Heart by Ellimino ♥
Something Magical by Jessica H
Cares to the Wind by Melinda P.
Young, Wild, and Free by Mandee Dreamer
Timeless by KayLynn 🙂
Cookies on a Sunday by Destiny Howell
Through the Eyes of a Child by Shia F
Ageless by Komonio
Katie’s World by Cody Baylynn
Under the Willow Tree by Thea
Memories by Victoria Knight
Jump by Anna Hirsch
Earth’s Lost Child by Melissa C
Polaris by S. E. Cates
The Plucky Knight by Jackie Falcon
Young at Heart by Faith Elizabeth
Let’s Be Young and Happy by lana
The Red Balloon by Deidre Fallow
The City of Triton by Fly-gonz.
Young at Heart by Somia
Young at Heart by Emma Rose
Three O’Clock Flagpole by Katie Chaos
Young at Heart by Gabriell Struble
Dear Childhood by AnQi Yu
“The Kiss” by NobleSavage
I am the Seventh Sister by Danii Two:Anima Libera
Just Pretend by Dorothee Belli
Can’t Beat Me by Grace L.

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