Girls Write Now Digital Remix: dorkshop 3

Read along as Girls Write Now Remix Pair Samantha Young Chan and Alex Berg experiment in the world of audio production. This post is part of the ongoing GWN Digital Remix Portfolio series, which follows GWN mentees as they remix written work–their own, their peers’, or work submitted by our very own Figgies–and use images, animation, photographs, sound, and video to tell stories in a whole new way.

This week’s GWN Remixers

Meet GWN mentee Samantha: An amateur voice actress and fandub producer who also loves to roleplay, create digital art, and explore different worlds through writing. Samantha is a junior in high school in NYC and a big fan of anime. Her love for writing dates back all the way back to middle school. Although mostly a fantasy writer, she’s willing to experiment with other genres.

Meet GWN mentor Alex: Video junkie meets chameleon journalist pounding the pavement, camera in tow, to create stories in the uncharted web territory. Alex is an associate producer of video at Newsweek & The Daily Beast. Originally from Philly, she earned her M.S. in journalism from Columbia University in 2010. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, and iVillage.

See How They Remix

At each workshop, the Remixers learn how to use new digital media platforms to turn the winning Figment stories, and their own work, into reinvented, reimagined pieces–and we’ll be giving you a glimpse into each of the dorkShops.

Earlier this month Samantha and Alex participated in a GWN Digital Remix dorkShop where they got to mess around with audio production, remixing Samantha’s piece Novus into a series of spoken diary entries. We asked them to tell us a little bit about what it’s like to work with audio.

First, Samantha, can you tell us more about your piece, “Novus“?

Samantha: “Novus” started as a radio play and has evolved into many forms over time. Set in two different worlds, one a dystopian one, the other much like a futuristic version of Earth, we follow the two main characters, Hana and Asako, through their diary entries up until the point when they meet.

What was the process of remixing “Novus like?

Samantha: When I heard that the final dorkshop was going to be audio production, I was super excited, since this is a field I’m strong in. I had lots of fun remixing my piece, “Novus,” which started out as a radio play and ended up as spoken diary entries. Seeing my work come to life through the use of voices was exciting and I truly enjoyed going through the process of recording and editing together with my mentor.

Alex: Since September, Samantha has worked on “Novus,” the piece remixed here. It has taken on various forms—from a novel, to a play, to the diary entries in this post—since its inception. It’s been exciting to watch and edit as Samantha has translated the story into these different forms; I’ve especially enjoyed seeing the changes the story goes through with every iteration. As the plot changes, I feel like I get to know the characters a little bit more, as Samantha provides their inner thoughts or defining actions.

What was the most challenging thing about working with audio?

Alex: Working in the digital realm allows much flexibility, however, it is also tedious.

Samantha: What I found frustrating was looking for sound effects and background music; at times, I just couldn’t find what I needed and had to substitute what I was searching for with something else.

From the page to the big screen: This is the Remix

Check out Samantha and Alex’s out-of-this-world audio remix of “Novus“:

It’s so cool to hear Hana Asasko come to life in these diary entries! What’s next for “Novus“?

Alex: We’re going to continue to work on Samantha’s project digitally, perhaps remixing different sections. I’m excited to see how it develops!

Samantha: I might continue with the ideas of remixing my radio play into more diary entries that’ll follow the two protagonists as the story continues, or I might pursue it from a different character’s perspective. Either way, I’m really excited to continue working on this project!

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