Script Frenzy Contest Finalists!

Last month, we teamed up with our Script Frenzy friends to bring you a special contest. We were dying to hear about the scripts you were all hammering away at all month–participating in Script Frenzy means writing an entire screenplay in 30 frenzied days. So we asked you to post a 300-words-or-fewer summary of your script on Figment (in the biz, they call it a treatment) for a chance to win a phone consultation with Scott Myers–screenwriter, producer, member of the Black List, and film professor–to talk all about your masterpiece.

Well, the Script Frenzy editorial team has chosen the ten finalists. And your very own Figment editorial team is busy choosing the winners! In addition to the grand-prize of a phone consultation with Scott, two honorable mentions will each receive a Figment/Script Frenzy prize package featuring a tote bag, t-shirt, storyboard notebook, hat, pen, and stickers.

The finalist stories are:

A Success on Paper by Taylor Bell
Bionic Gambit by CardiacDeception
Building the Rapture by Johnny Riley
Team Einstein by J.C Matveev
The Dark on Fire by Verigold
Geraldine’s Box by Aletta
The Butler and the Maid by Emily Yetta Denny
Plymouth Town by Manny Rosen
A Glimpse of Life by Mackenna Cummings
The Meaning of Shakespeare by Viola_Beauregarde

Congratulations, finalists! Best of luck.

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