Play the “Immortal Rules” Survival Game

Immortal Rules by Julie KagawaYou’re hungry. You haven’t eaten in days and it’s making you desperate. You know that all your problems would be solved if you just turned yourself over to the vampires. You’d be set! A nice apartment, regular food—all for the low, low price of a pint of your blood per month. All for the low, low price of your freedom.

Sure, you could scavenge outside the city walls of New Covington. If you go through the tunnels, though, you might meet Mole Men—vicious, barely human men twisted by the lack of sunlight and desperation. You could travel aboveground, but besides the vampires, there are the humans who live on the outer edges of the city. Humans like you. Humans who wouldn’t mind letting you do all the hard work of gathering food and then killing you for your troubles. If you manage to make it past the city limits, you’ve still got to avoid the rabids that prowl out there, hoping to stumble upon something to eat. You’d rather not be dinner for a flesh-hungry, diseased zombie-type, thanks though. Besides, once you get out of the city, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find food in the ruins of old supermarkets and gas stations.

But you’d be free.

What do you do?

1. Head to the inner city and turn yourself in.
Head to the ruins via the tunnels.
Head to the ruins aboveground.

3 thoughts on “Play the “Immortal Rules” Survival Game

  1. Id risk my safety, I wouldn’t want to be a slave. Yet, I know somewhere in this big world, there must be a hint of freedom or safety somewhere… i just need to look.

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