Lucy Christopher on Voice in “Stolen”

Lucy Christopher is the author of Stolen, a novel written in the form of a letter from teenage Gemma to her captor, Ty. Gemma was on vacation with her parents when she was drugged and kidnapped from the Bangkok airport by a young man who had been stalking her for years. When she wakes up, she and Ty are alone in the Australian Outback’s Great Sandy Desert—one of the most dangerous and most beautiful places on Earth.

Lucy has an interesting relationship with Australia; she moved there from Wales when she was nine years old and didn’t return to the UK until she was 22. Lucy’s not one to shy away from adventures (did you read her q-and-a where she reveals she’s not only gone hiking with poisonous snakes but also smoked elephant dung?) but she admits to feeling very afraid, especially as a child, of the unfamiliar desert. But at the same time, she was eager to explore it, and has a deep fondness for the place. In the voices of Ty, who loves the outback with a feverish intensity, and Gemma, who’s terrified of it, Lucy explores her own mixed feelings about the desert.

Below, Lucy shares her thoughts on the voices of her two main characters. And, bonus! That accent is guaranteed to make you say, “D’awwwww!” at least twice.

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  1. God, I really love you and your book. I read it a few weeks ago and I was like HOW HAVE I NOT HEARD OF THIS EVER IN MY LIFE and after I started seeing your book everywhere! Completely! Including on this website xD I’m so happy.

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