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Season 3, Episode 19, “Prom-asaurus”

If you’re confused as to why ANYONE would vote the girl who spliced a sex tape with cat footage into class presidency, you should check out last week’s gleecap.

Brittany has forgotten about the duties of her presidency, and she has one chance to redeem herself: prom. She rejects the themes “Castles in the Sky” (impractical) and “Stairway to Heaven” (discriminatory to the disabled) before settling on “Dinosaurs.” Which. Is. Genius. She also bans hair gel (cavemen didn’t have hair gel) and Blaine about loses it.

Screenshots from Glee on Fox

Prom means prom queen and prom king. The nominees for Prom King: Random Student #1, Finn, and Brittany. The nominees for Prom Queen: Random Student #2, Santana, and Quinn. When Quinn and Finn campaign together (Inn squared ftw!), Rachel loses her cool. She’s unloaded all of her spoiled NYADA dreams onto prom, the closest she’ll ever come to the red carpet.

We got some killer Becky internal monologue as she rants about not being nominated for Prom Queen (though we don’t get a big Carrie moment). We got some sassy Sue telling it straight. We got some angsty, trio rendition of “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”

Screenshots from Glee on Fox

Finn discovers that Quinn can walk–she’s taken small steps in therapy and hopes to create a dramatic moment by revealing her first steps on the stage as she claims her Prom Queen crown–and he is furious. He’s at prom without Rachel because he wanted to support Quinn for being so strong. Finn feels betrayed and–in a moment that could look really bad out of context–starts yelling at wheelchair-bound Quinn in the middle of the dance floor telling her to get up and walk.

Puck helps Becky achieve her dream of becoming Prom Queen–okay, anti-Prom Queen, but still. It’s mad adorable. Becky helps Puck achieve his dream of spiking the Prom punch. Uh…mad adorable?

In perhaps the best line of Glee all season, Blaine laments the hair gel ban. “You’ve never seen my hair without gel. IT’S BABY HAIR FINE.” Shippers! We need a name for Blaine + Blaine’s hairgel. Blairgel? Hairgaine? Think about it. Get back to me. Another highlight? When the glee boys pulled their best boy band and gave a super-poppy rendition of One Direction’s “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful.”

Quinn and Santana both forgo being Prom Queen and rig the vote to crown Rachel. The student body seems confused, but like the nice little herd of unnamed extras that they are, they say nothing. The episode ends with a bunch of pictures from the be-dinosaured photo booth, including this gem:

Screenshots from Glee on Fox



Screenshots from Glee on Fox

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