The Designiest Designer is . . .

For a whole month, UnRequired Reading’s Spell Bound Design Challenge had us in an aesthetic tizzy, as we celebrated the good—and pish-poshed the bad—in book cover design. All the while, users were submitting their original designs for Rachel Hawkins‘s novel—and then Rachel herself chose 10 finalists. But only one designer could walk away with the grand prize. So with only a minimum amount of ado . . .

Congrats to Soleil, the grand-prize winner of the Spell Bound Design Challenge! Her cover of Spell Bound was the tip of the tops. She’ll be receiving a copy of the novel from Hyperion, professionally printed with her design.

24 thoughts on “The Designiest Designer is . . .

  1. This cover IS better than the original. And it was inevitably going to win. The problem I have with it is that the butterfly is off centre. /OCD speaking

  2. Congratulations!!! 😀 Your cover is beautiful!
    Also when and how will the winners be getting their prizes?

  3. She only gets a free copy of the book?? I feel like she should get more. Some sort of goody basket or something, maybe money.

    • Omg, your comment was by far the best!
      I didn’t really realized the prize until later, I just wanted to design!
      Either way, it will good when I go to second dairy school, to become a graphic designer!:)
      Hehehe thank you!

  4. There are kerning error in the title. Some letters are no evenly spaced. Other than that it’s a well designed cover, but typeography is key!

    Haley G, Graphic Design Major

    • Lol, I was okay… but then I saw the Graphic Design Major and I totally understood!:D
      Thanks, um,do you have any notes or tips for me?

      *I will get to the others soon*

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