Craft Talk: Talking Bieber with Vanessa Grigoriadis

Today, I’m the luckiest girl in the world.
–From “The Adventures of Superboy 

Have you ever thought of what your dream job might be? It’s probably something with travel, and excitement, and, of course, writing! If you’ve ever thought about becoming a journalist, you’re far from alone–I don’t know too many writerly teens who don’t consider that path at some point. So hints on how to land that job? They’re in high demand.

In March, Vanessa Grigoriadis stopped by Girls Write Now–a writing mentorship program that pairs ridiculously talented high school writers with professional authors and editors–to talk about what it takes to become a journalist. She read aloud from a piece she wrote for Rolling Stone: “The Adventures of Superboy,” the product of a day spent in the company of none other than Justin Bieber.

(So, just for the record, my hand has touched a hand that has touched Justin Bieber’s hand. I have been blessed.)

Vanessa offered some fantastic tips for writing celebrity profiles. You can see a snippet of her brilliance below, or click over here to watch the full craft talk video.

Inspired to try your hand (that has not touched a hand that has touched Justin Bieber’s hand, just saying) at writing a profile? Girls Write Now was nice enough to provide an excellent writing exercise to get those creative juices flowing. You can download the profile writing exercise here. No celebrities on hand? Use your family, your friends, a stranger on the train, whatever!

And to read a dispatch directly from the event, check out the Girls Write Now blog here.

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