The Next “Raised by Wolves” Book Is Here!

Get ready for Tuesday! Bryn, your favorite human-raised-by-werewolves, is back in Taken by Storm, the latest novel in the Raised By Wolves series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Bryn is still waiting to be Changed—turned into a werewolf, that is—but that one little detail hasn’t stopped her from becoming the human alpha of her own werewolf pack. But becoming alpha was the easy part. Now, Bryn must take her place on the werewolf Senate, the governing body of the North American werewolf packs, which has an ancient history of infighting. However, longstanding grudges aren’t the only problems the Senate’s facing: a Rabid werewolf is on the loose, and the human bodies are piling up. Bryn and the rest of her pack must turn to old enemies and even older friends to stop the killing . . . especially because the monster might just walk among them.

Intrigued? Here’s a video of Jen Barnes giving the scoop on the Raised by Wolves series!

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