Seth Grahame-Smith: Spambot Dodger

Well, Figs, it seems we’ve made it. Our #figlitchat this week was SO popular that it was crashed by Twitter spambots, and we couldn’t be prouder.

Special guest Seth Grahame-Smith was valiant in his avoidance of said crashers, and soldiered on like a character from one of his spectacular mash-up novels, Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and Unholy Night (which you can begin reading on Figment now). We chatted about the inspirations for Seth’s novels, his thoughts on The Avengers, and were even paid a visit by David Katzenberg, Seth’s fellow producer of The Hard Times of R.J. Berger and partner on the upcoming Beetlejuice 2.

Just in case you missed out on the fun, we’ve collected some highlights for you below. Be sure to follow Figment on Twitter so that you don’t miss out on the next #figlitchat!

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