The Springsweet Contest Winners!

In The Springsweet  by Saundra Mitchell, Zora, despairing over her fiancé’s death, runs from her home in the socialite culture of 1889 Baltimore to the open country of Oklahoma. Inspired by Zora’s departure, we challenged you to write a story about a character who leaves his or her home and moves. You little figgies wrote and voted, and the ten most hearted entries were sent to Saundra Mitchell herself for judging. And the results are in!

The winners are . . .


First Place: Taken” by Fairlight Maiden

Congratulations, Fairlight Maiden! You’ll receive a copy of The Springsweet, a copy of The Vespertineand a $15 Amazon gift card.

Saundra says:

Extremely accomplished world building and tension. I read this and it makes me want to read more!”

Second Place: “Under the Shadow” by Thalia McKenzie

Great job, Thalia! You will receive a copy of The Springsweet, a copy of The Vespertineand a Figment tote bag.

Saundra says:

You have a strong, strong voice and it makes your writing compelling. Great structure too!”

Third Place: Anywhere But Here” by Sophia King 

Way to go, Sophia! You will receive a copy of The Springsweet and a copy of The Vespertine.

Saundra says:

Some very nice turns of phrase in here. Great job on getting the whole structure of a short story in, very well done.”

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone for participating! Were you a finalist? Saundra left comments on all ten finalist pieces. Check them out!

A Journal” by Shia F

“Great emotions in this story, and the dialogue is wonderfully authentic!”

Back to Being” by R Soland


I love the opening line. What a great way to draw the reader into the story!”

In the Field . . . ” by Moira Kehoe

“This makes me think of the myth of Hades and Persephone, with a twist. Lots of conflict and tension!”

Flight” by Jordan the Boa


“This is very lyrical, almost poetic. Your words make an ephemeral situation vivid.”

Broken Glass: A Twisted Fairy Tale” by Meghana


“What a great, frightening twist on a very familiar tale! This is really handsomely done; I think it would expand really well into a longer story or even a novel!”

My Daughter’s Words” by Jay Bird

“This is very moving and feels very personal. Nice twist at the end.”

Johnny” by Danji Bernstein

“Wow, what a surprise! I definitely didn’t see this ending coming.”


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