The Stolen Flash-Fiction Winner!

“You kept feeding me chocolates. That rich, dark taste . . . always in my mouth, clinging to my teeth.” –from Stolen

In her novel Stolen, Lucy Christopher uses vivid descriptions to enhance the reader’s understanding of what Gemma, the heroine who is drugged and kidnapped at the beginning of the novel, is going through. We challenged you to describe someone who’s going through a highly emotional moment by focusing on just one part of that character’s body in 150 words or fewer. Many of your entries were wonderful, but the Figment editors could only choose one! And the winner is . . .

The Devil’s Advocate” by Rasheda Boachie

Her heart burned with determination, the smoky air causing it to dance. It quivered in and out of time, trying to keep pace. Her heart was not going to give up, no it would not, and it screamed and pounded from the inside, fighting against the choking sensation; fighting against the asphyxiation. Fighting to keep the only thing it had left to live for. But each beat came with resignation; each pulse came with pain.


Her heart didn’t mind that it was losing the battle.

It didn’t mind that its precious life was being cut so short.

It didn’t mind that it was scarred, empty, and almost broken.


No; what bothered it was the fact that it was completely alone. It had not seen love for many months; it had not felt strength for many years. It had not felt comfort for a whole lifetime.


Her heart skipped a beat.

Congratulations, Rasheda! You will receive a copy of Stolen and a Figment tote!



2 thoughts on “The Stolen Flash-Fiction Winner!

  1. Hey, for contests do you guys read them all and decide or do they just base it off who has the most hearts?

    • For contests that are judged by the Figment editorial team, the entries are all read and winners are chosen independently of hearts.

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