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So many books take place during alien invasions. They involve explosions, guns, huge military initiatives.

The Host is subtler sci-fi. The invasion is over before humanity knows it has begun. The aliens look like you and me, but they’re better at it—better humans than we ever were. It’s huge and exciting and romantic and it’s gonna be a movie! In just under a year, The Host will be hitting the big screen starring Saoirse Ronan as Wanda, the ancient alien who invades a human soul and then finds herself falling in love with her host’s boyfriend.

If you’ve yet to read The Host by Stephenie Meyer (yeah THAT Stephenie Meyer), now is your chance! You can enter below to win one of five copies of The Host before the movie hits the big screen next year. After you enter, be sure to scroll down for some sneak pics of the movie and to catch the teaser trailer!

31 thoughts on “The Host Giveaway!

    • I know! I read it before she even got popular…or before anyone had even heard of it. I’m kinda sad that this book has gotten big, because I felt it was sort of my own. Now people won’t appreciate it for what it really is because it’s done by Stephanie Meyer. Some won’t read it because of that, and others will only like it because of that.

      • I understand how you feel! I love this book! I really hope they don’t try to promote it as the next Twilight because I believe it deserves more than that! 😀

  1. fnduhsuhqsan flknvhsby I’m so excited for this movie. 🙂

    I don’t care how terrible Twilight was, I loved The Host and I also love Saoirse Ronan. 😀

  2. I love this book I would love a copy of my own and I can’t believe it is going to come out in the cinemas this is the first of me knowing this I am so exited

  3. It’s going to be a movie now o.o ? Wow, haha. That was kept on the DL. Can’t wait! I liked this book WAY more than Twilight, haha~

  4. For some reason they are over doing it on the eyes again like the first Twilight. I wish it was alittle more tone downed like the original The Host cover. : I still love the book though

  5. I would love to read this book! I’ve been wanting to read it for a long time but never had the chance to! I can’t wait to read it and give it a good review! 🙂

  6. Is this book any better than the Twilight books? If not, I won’t waste my time (and possibly kill brain cells). The concept is cool, but the fact that it’s by Stephanie Meyer is making me apprehensive.

    • SOOOOOO much better than Twilight.

      I still have yet to figure out how the author capable of writing one of the GREATEST books I have ever read is also capable of writing Twilight. Although I did also enjoy the Twilight series, all the people I know who passionately hate Twilight still enjoyed The Host.

      You should definitely read this book because its FANTASTIC and certainly not a waste of time!!

  7. I looove Twilight. My favorite fiction series, it’s perfect :-] Seriously, I have an Edward T-Shirt, blanket, the board games, etc. I’ve always wanted to read The Host though, so I hope I win! :-]

  8. I am so happy my school mate gave me a copy of the book The Host the past year. 😀 ieeep!!! This movie is going to be a blast! i am so sure of it. 😀

  9. The HOST was one of the most well written and enjoyable books ive read! id love to win a copy! thank you for making this avaliable

  10. I’ve never read a book more times in my life. I’ve read the Host at least 4 times. I just keep it by my bed and when I need to read something other than the current, that’s my go-to book. I’m scared and excited for the movie all at the same time. It’s my favorite book therefore they could completely destroy the movie, or make it my favorite movie also.

  11. Absolutely amazing. Melanie and Wanda are both amazing strong willed characters who belong on a bookshelf with Harry, Bella, Percy, Katniss, Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy, Frodo and everyone else. I screeched like a bird the first time I read it and my mom kept telling me to put it down. I love the book so much and spend most of my time complaining to my friends. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THIS BOOK AND ANYONE WHO SAYS IS NOT GOOD IS LOSING THERE MIND.

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