“From What I Remember” Flash: Day 1






In From What I Remember, Kylie and Max wake up in Mexico on the day they’re supposed to be graduating . . . in California. And they’ve got less than 24 hours to get home. In honor of their crazy day, we’ll be giving you 24 hours to write a 24-hour-inspired story.

Today, tomorrow, and Sunday, we’ll be posting a new flash-fiction prompt every morning at 10a.m. ET. Each prompt will begin, “It’s 24 hours until __________.” Your story must include that line.

You’ll have until 10a.m. ET the following day to post your story. On the details page, tag it with both FWIRFlash and that day’s specific tag. The Figment team will choose three winners—one from each day’s flash contest—to receive a copy of From What I Remember. Sound good? Great!

6/1 Prompt:

“It’s 24 hours until she comes home.”
Tag your story both FWIRFlash and FWIRDay1

6/2 Prompt:

“It’s 24 hours until it’s all over.”
Tag your story both FWIRFlash and FWIRDay2

6/3 Prompt:

“It’s 24 hours until you find out.”
Tag our story both FWIRFlash and FWIRDay3

Read the full guidelines here and get writing!

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8 thoughts on ““From What I Remember” Flash: Day 1

  1. Hi,
    You say there’s no word limit, but in the full guidelines, it says each submission must be no more than 100 words. Is there a word limit or not? Just need to clarify that up.

  2. Actually there is. If you look at the guidelines it states…

    “5. Submission Requirements

    Each Submission must be no more than 100 words.”

  3. Does the word limit mean those entries that have more than 100 words will be disqualified? I’d have to cut down my entry so a response would be greatly appreciated.

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