“From What I Remember” Flash: Day 2






In From What I Remember, Kylie and Max wake up in Mexico on the day they’re supposed to be graduating . . . in California. And they’ve got less than 24 hours to get home. In honor of their crazy day, we’ll be giving you 24 hours to write a 24-hour-inspired story.

Day Two! You have until 10a.m. ET tomorrow June 3 to post your story, which must include the following line:

“It’s 24 hours until it’s all over.”
Tag your story both FWIRFlash and FWIRDay2

Read the full guidelines and get writing!

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3 thoughts on ““From What I Remember” Flash: Day 2

    • Hey Ditika-

      Unfortunately we’re restricted in where we can run contests at this time. We’ll let you know if we’re able to expand in the future!

  1. I tried to enter my story ‘Silly Little Believers’ into this contest last night, but it isn’t showing up.
    I copied and pasted the tags, put a coma in between, and published it. Yet, I didn’t receive that pop-up that I’ve gotten in the past for contests, and it’s not showing up here..
    What am doing wrong?

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