How to Hide an Embarrassing Book

We already gave you our don’t-read summer beach books. But rules were made to be broken and books were made to be read. In honor of our #summerreading Twitter-fest (happening now! Go tweet your beach book tagged #summerreading) here are five tips for sneaking a less-than-impressive read past your judgmental peers.

Evidence of a hastily buried book. Image by Wilfred

1. Dust jacket swap!
Get a hardcover of Atlas Shrugged. Put that dustjacket over whatever you are reading. In fact? You could get multiple books in that sucker.

2. Distraction!
Keep french fries handy. Whenever someone asks you what book you’re reading, throw french fries at him. The resulting swarm of seagulls should be enough cover for you to pull out War & Peace.

3. Destroy!
Sit close to the water. If someone looks askance at your choice of reading, throw your book into the ocean. The benefit of reading cheap paperbacks? They’re cheap. And they dissolve easily and quickly.

Can you spot the person reading The DaVinci Code? Image by Jordi Cubero

4. Sand castle!
Keep a large sandcastle nearby so you can plunge your book into it at the first sign of slack. For added panache, top with a flag.

5. eBook
It’s portable and discreet, like a collapsible spy!



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7 thoughts on “How to Hide an Embarrassing Book

  1. I love #2! lol! i shall throw frenchie fries at anyone who thinks “Chicken Soup for the Soul” isn’t a good book!Then i will laugh as they are carried away by seaguls….(or better yet…. Vultures!)^Inserts Evil Laugh^ 🙂

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