Moonrise Kingdom Giveaway!

See that library of delicious looking, vintage-y science fiction books up there? Yeah, we know. You want to read them. We want to read them. (Seriously, check out that kid levitating on the cover of Disappearance of the 6th Grade.) Unfortunately for all of us, it’s a collection of FICTIONAL fiction. Fake books that that master auteur Wes Anderson created for his new–in select theaters now!–movie Moonrise Kingdom. In the film, 12-year-old Suzy (Kara Hayward)and her pen-pal paramour Sam (Jared Gilman) run away together for a wild adventure on an island off the coast of New England. The sci-fi obsessed Suzy naturally needs some reads for the wilderness, so she packs six stolen library books, and off they go.

While we can’t actually read The Girl from Jupiter, we can get a little taste of the fictional fiction. Wes Anderson, being the stickler for gorgeous, evocative details that he is, not only commissioned artists to create the book covers you see above, but he also wrote excerpts of each book and had them animated. Check out these mini-masterpieces in the video below, and then enter to win one of 6 ebook copies of the Moonrise Kingdom script! We’re talking real copies. That you can read and everything.


12 thoughts on “Moonrise Kingdom Giveaway!

  1. moonrise kingdom is one of the best films i’ve ever seen.
    and i really mean that.
    it made me laugh a lot and the characters are so special, unique, adorable and real that i almost felt like really being a part of all that uniqueness.
    wes anderson for ever (and of course the gorgeous cast!)

  2. If I won the collection of books I would read them. After I had finished them I would then donate them to my local charity shop for others to read and enjoy. I do hope I am choosen as the winner.

  3. As a budding screenwriter, I’d DIE to get a copy of the script!! My whole body would implode then explode from happiness!

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