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This week we finally find out what #1 New York Times bestselling author Lauren Kate has in store for us in Rapture, the fourth and final installment of her Fallen series. Finally, we’ll find out if Luce and Daniel can be together or if the dark forces plaguing them will tear them apart. (We’re hoping they end up together, but maybe that’s just us.) And you know what else goes well together? Rapture plus this week’s Daily Theme, composed just for us by Lauren Kate herself–rapture indeed!

The author of The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove and, of course, mother of the Fallen books has a prompt that’s perfect for everyone and perfect for getting those summer writing juices flowing!

Figment Daily Theme–June 14, 2012

I like this prompt because it’s primal. It forces us to turn inward to our origins, to get very quickly to the core of who we are. Unlike many memoiristic prompts, this one, by its nature, excludes no one. Every single one of us—regardless of our race, gender, creed or background—can pick up this prompt at the ellipsis and go to town:

“My mother never…”

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7 thoughts on “Daily Theme from Lauren Kate!

  1. My mother never told me that she was going to die. So here I was, sitting next to her as she lay on her death bed. My heart ached every minute as she cried out in pain. Every day was like a horror novel for me. She has become frail, pale, and cold as ice. My tears stained my face each and every night, praying that god would help to keep her alive. Then one day everything changed me. The phone call was the one thing that drove me to the edge. She was dead and she was never coming back.

  2. I’ll try it, thanks! It’s always weird seeing the name Luce. It’s my brother name, and at least in Italian origen we pronounce it “Lu(ch)e (accent mark)

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