Play the Dreamless Survival Game

Could you survive the Underworld?

Follow this adventure and step into the shoes of Helen, the heroine of Josephine Angelini’s Dreamlessa demigod tasked with destroying the Furies. One path and only one path will lead you to find a friend. When you learn his name, leave on comment on that post with your username. You’ll be added to the list of victors who’ve mastered the Underworld! 

It happens every night when you go to sleep. Your eyes shut and you wake up in the Underworld.

You’re a Scion, the offspring of Zeus. And more important, you’re a Descender, one of the few people who can go into the Underworld alive. You’re tasked with defeating the Furies—three sisters who weep blood and punish evildoers—and every night you descend into the underworld to continue your mission. Every morning you wake, bearing the injuries from the night before. You heal quickly, but you feel every single cut, every broken bone.

Needless to say, you don’t look forward to the experience.

You get ready for bed slowly, lingering over every detail, drawing out the time before you must close your eyes. What’s the last thing you do before you lie down?

Grab a stuffed animal.
Get a glass of water.
Wash your face.

Thumbnail credit: T3I Erick via flickr.

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