Stars! They Read Like Us: Lesley Arfin

We can’t get enough of HBO’s hit show Girls, and the season finale on Sunday night left us hungry for more. Lucky for us, Girls staff writer Lesley Arfin stopped in to give us a little something to tide us over–her top hits for a stellar summer reading list!  And if reading these books will make us half as good a writer as Lesley–who also wrote the fabulous Dear Diary, based on her articles in Vice Magazine, and who has written for, Russh magazine, and done commercial work for everything from Xbox to Nike–we figure we’re on good footing!

What are your five Desert Island Books?

They’d have to be books I’ve never read and books that are super long and hard. Infinite Jest, Ulysses, the Bible, a book on how to read Chinese, The I Ching.

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? Who?
(This question has defined my life) Johnny from The Outsiders, all the boys from Lord Of The Flies, Henry from The Secret History, the kid from Rule Of The Bone, My Secret Agent Lover Man from Weetzie Bat, Mr. Darcy.

Do you have a book on you right now? What is it?
I’m reading The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta

What’s the one book that would be a deal-breaker if you saw it on a date’s bookshelf?
“How To Murder The Person You’re Dating.”

What’s a book that’s made you:

Blush:   Flowers In The Attic, Forever, Fear Of Flying

Shiver:   House of Leaves, The Passage, 11/22/63

Cry:   Dry by Agusten Burroughs, Geek Love by Katherine Dunn

Laugh out loud: Bad Haircut by Tom Perrotta, all of David Sedaris’ books

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