Happy Birthday to Books 6/17 to 6/23

Looking for a great book to pick up this week? Here are some of the newest releases we think you’ll love!

Burn Mark by Laura Powell
(June 19, 2012, Bloomsbury USA)

Glory is the daughter of witches. Lucas is the son of the Chief Prosecutor who hunts down anyone who shows signs of magic. On the surface, their lives couldn’t be more different. But they have one very important thing in common: They have both developed the Fae, the gift of magic. Will the Fae bring Glory and Lucas together? And will they be able to survive in a world that condemns magic beyond anything else?


Blood Moon by Alyxandra Harvey
(June 19, 2012, Walker Children’s)

The fifth book in Alyxandra Harvey’s Drake Chronicles finds the Drake family at the Blood Moon, a gathering of vampires. Solange Drake is still getting used to being a vampire, and her violence, coupled with a few secrets and some forbidden magic, puts the family in terrible danger. Lucy, Solange’s human best friend and Nicholas Drake’s girlfriend, is also in trouble. With both his girlfriend and his little sister in peril, Nicholas must make the impossible choice of who to save.


This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers
(June 19, 2012, St. Martin’s Griffin)

When zombies attack, Sloane Price takes refuge inside the high school. Sloane isn’t totally sure what she’s hiding from. After suffering unimaginable heartbreak, she’s ready to accept being attacked by the undead. As she and five other students hide from the impending apocalypse, everyone’s feelings about life and death change. Soon, the zombies outside aren’t the most pressing threat anymore; what’s happening inside the school is far more dangerous.


Something Like Normal by Trish Doller
(June 19, 2012, Bloomsbury USA)

Travis has just come home from the war in Afghanistan, and nothing is going the way he expected. His girlfriend dumps him and his parents are getting a divorce. All Travis can do is dwell on memories of the friend he lost in the war. That is, until he runs into Harper, a girl who’s hated him since middle school. But Harper doesn’t add to his problems. In fact, she might be the one person who can help Travis put his life back together.

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