Hair-oine Showdown!

We’re super-excited for the release of Pixar’s Brave tomorrow! Merida is the first female protagonist in any Pixar movie, and that’s seriously cool. She also has some seriously big hair.

It got us thinking about heroines’ options when it comes to their coiffures. It seems they’ve got two choices: they can go the epically enormous route, like Merida, or they can opt to shave it all off. But which is more suitable for a heroine? You decide who wins: Team Luscious Locks or Team Bald Babes!


Batting for Team Luscious Locks:

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter
They may have downsized Hermione’s hair on film, but book-Hermione has a crazy frizzy ‘do, giving inspiration to bushy-haired bookworms everywhere. The true power of Hermione’s frizz is never fully explored, but who knows? Maybe her curls are the source of her awesome spell-casting abilities. Maybe she NEEDS big hair to contain her enormous brain.

Rapunzel from Tangled
The Rapunzel story has been around forever, but Tangled’s Rapunzel is the first to take full advantage of her long locks. She uses her hair for everything from tying people up to swinging away from danger. Plus, her hair literally has healing powers, which is way handier than my hair’s power of obscuring my vision in the slightest breeze.

River Song from Doctor Who
River Song has been one of the most intriguing characters on the past few seasons of Doctor Who. She has a knack for popping up throughout time and is always ready to fight some aliens. Her voluminous hair only adds to her aura of mystery. My first question about her may have been, “What’s her relationship to the Doctor?” but my second was, “How did her hair get so big?”


Batting for Team Bald Babes:

Evey from V for Vendetta
There’s no doubt that Evey’s a hardcore heroine. Evey’s strength, bravery, and loyalty are so powerful that we’re forced to conclude that any additional hair would just weigh her down. Every time the Fifth of November rolls around, I have a moral crisis about whether I should imitate Evey or try and stick out No-Shave November–it’s not just for the boys.

Ripley from Alien
Alien-hunter extraordinaire Ripley shaves her head in the third Alien movie, and it only seems to increase her butt-kicking powers. Exhibiting huge amounts of girl-power, she leads her fellow prisoners into a rebellion against the evil Alien. If Ripley’s haircut makes her even MORE awesome, who are we to argue with her style?

Jordan O’Neil from GI Jane
Jordan O’Neil is one tough soldier. She shaves off her hair like her male counterparts and proves that she shouldn’t get different treatment just because she’s a woman. She’s also about a million times stronger and more dedicated than any of the guy soldiers; the fact that she does it all while almost bald is just the icing on the cake of awesomeness.

Which team is the hairowinningest? And which team members did we miss? Vote below!

9 thoughts on “Hair-oine Showdown!

  1. tough one. the girls with hair they clearly show their stuff and remaining a a strong character. outsmarting the stereotypes put upon girs. they don’t weaken their characters at all. but for the baldies, they show a lot of bravery just by having a shaved head. They spread the message the gender doesn’t matter. I have poofy/frizzy hair and I’ve seen those characters more. I love them, they’re my heroes. I admire though, the mental toughness the the girls with shaved heads have, especially since its rather rare for woman to do so (at least in America and movies).

  2. After being reminded of Evey from “V”, I nearly changed my mind. She’s a fantastic heroine–complex, brave, and she draws my empathy.
    But let’s face it: those long haired girls kick butt. Book Hermione may have a huge brain, but her locks were what made her an idol to frizzy-haired girls and women everywhere. In “Tangeled”, her healing long hair was super-awesome. And so on. Besides, there’s something subtly sexy about a girl with tons of crazy hair.
    What really matters, though, is that the heroine has brawn, brains, and interior beauty, whether she chooses to shave the locks off or amp them up.

  3. I voted for “Bald Babes” ’cause I think there’s too much emphasis on hair lately. I feel like hair shouldn’t matter in someone’s beauty, sexiness, bravery, brawn or brains. Also, “Kate”, I disagree. Bald chicks are just as “subtly sexy” as ones with “tons of crazy hair”. Are you saying Marida is sexy?

  4. Um, in case nobody actually watched River Song on Doctor Who, (SPOILERS!)

    She’s the ******* ****.

  5. The bald babes are all similar – tough and hard. Meanwhile, the luscious locks are quite different from each other. Besides, who couldn’t vote for River Song?

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